Diann Parkas Ministry Update

November 2017

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter it has been 3 ½ months since Peter made his exit from this earth into his heavenly home with Jesus. He’s doing great! He is experiencing what the Bible describes as no more pain, no more tears, no more suffering! He is enjoying the beauty and delight of being with Yeshua face to face, and worshiping Him with all the saints and angels in Heaven. And he’s waiting for us to join him there!

Back on the ground, I’m missing him very much in all sorts of ways. I’m grieving the loss of his company and the end of a 30-year season of marriage. I’m learning about grief, that it has a life of its own, and that it is unique to me, and to the unique relationship Peter and I had, and to the circumstances of his death. But God is totally in the mix. I am experiencing His comfort and companionship in my sorrow, and His strength and guidance in my challenges.

I am so thankful for your prayers and support in my bereavement and as I press on to launch this new season of ministry. A special thank you to those who have continued to support this ministry, as well as to those who have recently joined the team. We are sowing seeds into eternity, and we will all reap the rewards together! I praise God for every financial gift and for all the practical help I have received through His people. Every act and expression of support is a huge encouragement to me.

Please continue to pray for Carol, the unsaved Jewish widow of Peter’s childhood friend Ricky, whom I mentioned in the last update letter. Carol is moving soon and wants to study the Bible with me once she gets settled.

Last month I attended a memorial service that was held at the Veteran’s Hospital where Peter spent his last two weeks on earth. I gave the medical director of the hospice a recording of Peter’s testimony. She said she was going to share it with the whole team, and that they would listen to it when they met together. Please pray that God will touch the hearts of these team members and that they will respond to Him with faith.
God blessed me with a wonderful opportunity to have my testimony professionally filmed for an online project that includes many stories of how Jewish people have come to faith in Jesus. It will be available online once the editing is complete. Please pray that the film editors will do a great job, and that God will use my recorded testimony to reach lots of unsaved Jewish people to point them to Yeshua their Messiah.

Stuck in line at a local produce market, I struck up a friendly conversation with Semira, an Ethiopian woman who was just ahead of me in line. We started out talking about our groceries and what we were planning to cook. From there the topics progressed to our children, colleges, and travel. Before I knew it, it was her turn to check out. In a few minutes we’d be going our separate ways and I would likely never see her again. I realized there was not much more time to get a Gospel seed planted in this encounter. I offered a silent prayer, then found myself propelling off the travel topic into “You know, the biggest trip of all is coming up.” She looked puzzled but curious, so I went on to explain that when we die, we are all going somewhere! “Do you know where you’re going?” I asked. I told her I know where I’m going because I learned from the Bible that by trusting in Jesus’s death as the payment for my sins, I get to be forgiven, and can look forward to eternity in Heaven with God. She said she was going to think about that! Let’s pray for Semira!

I have prepared, and shared at a church for the first time, a message which includes my testimony, call to mission, and lessons learned in the process of walking with Peter through the valley as he prepared to meet his Maker face to face. I have two dances that illustrate the message. One is a recitation and dance/drama of Psalm 24. The other is a brand-new dance choreographed to a song called “Trust in You.” That’s the theme of the song, and that’s the theme of my life right now. It’s my choice to trust in the Lord, no matter what. Even in the best of times there are many challenges in our lives. I want to encourage you, too, to trust in the Lord! He knows what He is doing! I’d love to share this presentation at your church. Please contact me if your pastor would like to schedule this program or would like more information.

Thank you again for your support of my ministry. May the Lord pour out lavish blessings on you and yours in the upcoming season of gratitude and celebration.

Shalom in Yeshua, our Prince of Peace,

Diann Parkas 

P.O. Box 220
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

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