Diann Parkas Ministry Update

November 2018

Shalom! I’m sure you’ve noticed: autumn is in full swing and the air is getting colder. The leaves are beautifully displaying the creative genius of our Lord with all the brilliant colors of the season. Pretty soon come Thanksgiving and Chanukah and Messiahmas (as Peter loved to say)! Life is so full of transitions and change! God has equipped us with the ability to imagine that our lives are stable and unchanging. Things may be stable, but motion and change are a continual component of life on this earth. The only thing, or rather, the only One who doesn’t change is God Himself! He is eternally the same. Hopefully the changes in us are all about becoming more and more like Him!  

Last year I was not ready to publicly celebrate the Jewish high holidays which arrived only 2 short months after Peter was gone. This year was quite different. I held a home service/meal for Rosh Hashanah, complete with the blowing of the shofar. I also attended a local Messianic congregation for Yom Kippur, but the best of all was a Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) celebration at the home of a Jewish believing family I know well. Several unsaved Jewish women attended and I had the opportunity to share quite a bit with two of them. One of the women has a very sick husband and a group of us prayed for him, and told her we would continue praying for him. Here you can see a picture of me in the sukkah. (Just in case you don’t know, chandeliers are not traditional décor for sukkahs!) Please pray for these two women and the sick husband.

Once the holidays were finished I got an email from CJF Headquarters saying that a Jewish believing woman had called in asking for someone to share Yeshua with a family member. I called up that evening and found out the person she wanted me to talk to was her husband. He is of Arabic descent and was brought up Catholic. We went over the basics of the Gospel, and he was eager to know the Lord! It seems the Lord had gotten his attention through a sudden health challenge and now he was ready to commit his life to Jesus! He prayed a sinner's prayer with me that night on the phone! They are both eager to understand the Messianic Jewish context of the Bible. I have begun a discipleship Bible study with the two of them, starting with a look at the major covenants of the Bible. Please pray for them both, for growth in the faith, and also for overcoming of health challenges and strength. 

I have begun participating in an initiative for sharing with unsaved Jewish people online. Please pray for God to go before me and connect me with those who are open to the Gospel, and that He would give me courage, wisdom, and discernment as I share in this venue.

Please also pray for Allan. Allan is a retired Jewish pharmacist who is wheelchair bound and living in a nursing home. It is a very challenging environment for Allan, especially since he has no family to visit him. Praise God Allan came to saving faith in Yeshua early in September. I have been visiting him and helping him learn to meditate on the Word of God and to open his heart to the Lord daily through prayer. Please pray that he will grow in the faith, have peace in his heart, compassion for the others in the nursing home, and even share his new faith with them. 

I have scheduled several outreach programs for the weeks just after Thanksgiving. Please pray that God would use my efforts to bless and minister to the people who attend, and that God would prepare their hearts to be receptive to the Gospel message. 

Many of you who receive these update letters have been giving monthly, annually, or periodically to support the work of the ministry, and I appreciate every single one of you, and every single gift. Whether you are a longtime donor or a recent contributor, or if you have not, as of yet, given financially for this ministry, please prayerfully consider supporting this work on a monthly basis and/or as a part of your end-of-year giving. Giving is easy on the CJF website. You just go to cjfm.org and click on “Give” at the top of the page. Then select Missionary and click on my name in the drop-down menu. You then choose individual or recurring gift.

My heart is also full of gratitude for the undergirding of my efforts with your prayers. This ministry belongs to the Lord. It is His agenda, His plan, and His purpose that I desire to fulfill, and I love that we are a team for the cause of serving Him and making Him known. We are investing in His Kingdom, and praise God, we will reap the rewards for all of eternity!

May you have a very wonderful season of celebration; of thanksgiving for God’s goodness and of joy in the remembrance of our Messiah’s Incarnation. And may God bless you and yours as you continue to serve Him in 2019!

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

Diann Parkas


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