Diann Parkas Ministry Update


August 2018

Shalom and Greetings in our Messiah,

It’s been one whole year since Peter went to be with the Lord, and one whole year since I’ve been continuing the ministry without him. God has been faithful, as always! He has comforted me in my grief, strengthened me as I stepped out in the work of the ministry, guided me as I looked to Him for direction, and provided for me in all sorts of wonderful ways. I am excited to share with you some of the events of the past few months, and I am excited about going forward into a second year of ministry. I can’t wait to see what God will do as He continues to equip and empower me for the work. Please pray that I will continue to trust in Him and that I will be bold and fruitful in the ministry.

After Passover, I prepared outreach programs which I scheduled in several community residences. The first event was at an assisted living facility. I brought a few girls with me. We did one dance together; one did a self choreographed solo; one played Amazing Grace on the violin; and then I shared my testimony and two other dances. The presentation was coordinated with a Bible study group. The leader warned me ahead of time that only 5-6 people had been regularly attending. We prayed that others would come. It turned out that there were about 25 people there for the program, plus others that passed through or were on the periphery. I didn’t find out until later that many of those in attendance were Jewish!

Another presentation was at a senior housing complex. This time I gave an invitation and led a sinner’s prayer at the end of the presentation. Then I asked them to raise their hand if they prayed that prayer for the first time. Out of the 20 people in attendance, I was overjoyed to see 5 hands pop up in response!

At another facility the event coordinator got 35 people to come to the presentation. She says it’s because after seeing what I did when I was there back in March, she told them that the “Dancing Angel” was coming! If an angel is a messenger of God, I guess that’s what I am, a dancing woman with a biblical message.

Please pray for the residents and staff who heard the message, and for those who prayed for the first time to ask God for forgiveness and salvation because Jesus died for their sins. Please pray that many will make the decision to look to Jesus as their Savior  and will then also grow in their new faith. Pray too, that God will guide me in preparing new programs to share, and that He will show me where I am to go, and when.

In my last update letter I mentioned the telephone Bible Studies that I have been teaching. Recently I found out that one of our newer attendees had not yet entered into a personal relationship with Yeshua. One night after the study I was on the telephone with her. As soon as I explained the way to salvation, she was ready to take action. She said, “Ok, I’m getting on my knees, please pray with me!” God had already been working in her heart and preparing her for that moment! I praise God for the privilege of being a spiritual midwife, praying with her as she entered into the new birth! 

Also, God has opened up the door for me to teach each chapter three times. As I said in the last update, the study is not every week, but the weeks we have it there are three sessions. Some of the people who come are different each time, but some attend two or even all three of the sessions. I praise God for the blessing it is to teach those who are serious about learning and growing in God’s Word.

In July, I had an opportunity to serve at Camp Shoshanah, a Messianic Family Bible Camp. I was the Messianic Dance leader and teacher. Messianic Dance is a form of congregational worship in which Israeli dance steps are danced by a group in a circle with contemporary and Messianic worship songs. Somebody has to teach the steps, but worship dance is much more than knowing the steps. Have you ever thought about how all expressions of worship are physical in nature? The worshipful reverence for the Lord is in the heart, but as soon as we begin to express that awe and love for Him, we use our physical bodies in the process. For instance, when we sing, we use our voice and respiration, or if we play an instrument, we use our hands, fingers, and in some cases feet. To dance we use our whole body, head to toe. Most important is the attitude, the heartfelt worship that goes into whatever we are doing. While I was at the camp I also shared a solo dance in the Sunday morning service. It’s to a song called “You’re Worthy of my Praise.” My prayer is that God would use my heart of worship to spur others in their worship and that God would use my ministry of dance to touch the hearts of people for His glory and for His purposes.

Thank you so much to all of you who have been faithfully praying for me and financially supporting this ministry! I would not be able to continue in the ministry without the many partners God has joined together with me. It is OUR ministry, an outreach of a team of faithful and generous believers, and I am super thankful for each one! I still have a ways to go in reaching full support, so if you haven’t yet, please prayerfully consider joining the team! May God bless you richly as you walk faithfully with Him. 

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

Diann Parkas

P.O. Box 220
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Phone: (800) 926-5397