Diann Parkas Ministry Update


May 2018

Shalom Friends,

Praise God for His faithfulness! Don’t you love how spring always comes after winter? No matter how long or how difficult the winter is, it is always followed by spring. It’s true every single year, and it’s true of the seasons of our lives too. With God’s empowerment and direction, I am gradually forging out the shape of the ministry for this new season of my life. It’s not easy! Please keep praying for me that I will grieve well and keep on pressing on to know the Lord and to make Him known.

One of the areas I’m working on is ministering in nursing homes and senior housing facilities. So far, I have partnered with others who already have arrangements in place, and shared dances and my testimony. I am also working on putting together a program with some young people who love the Lord and love to dance. I am in the process of setting up plans to rehearse and present a program that will include testimonies and a Gospel message along with the dances. In addition to functioning as an outreach, I see this initiative as an opportunity to disciple the participants. In the course of our work together we will be praying, examining biblical lessons that pertain to biblical dance and ministry, and functioning as a ministry outreach team. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance as I coach and teach these young ones, and that God will prepare the hearts of the recipients to hear the Gospel message with joy and eager responsiveness.

Thank you for your prayers regarding the Passover Seders. I held two Seders in my home. There were ten of us at the first Seder, and thirteen at the second. Please pray for the five unsaved people (four Jewish) who attended. They heard some powerful testimonies of the Lord’s grace as well as a clear explanation of the Messianic significance of the Seder elements.

The Seder Table

You may not know that I have been teaching the Bible from a Messianic Jewish perspective on a conference call biweekly for many years. Since November, a second study has been added. I have taught through quite a few books of the Bible. We finished Exodus recently and are currently going through Mark. The study is specifically geared to women who have a history of addiction, especially in their relationship with food. I was a big binge eater and bulimic before Yeshua rescued me. If you have a hard time eating in a way that honors God or know others who would benefit from a community of believing support for this issue, I encourage you to contact me for more information. I praise the Lord for this fabulous opportunity to teach His Word. Praise Him that between the two studies, 30 to 40 women have been attending!

Handwashing ceremony at the Seder

God has been opening up opportunities for me to share Him with some women whose husbands have passed away. It’s a clear case of 2 Corinthians 1:4: God equipping me to comfort other widows with the comfort I am receiving from Him. One is a Jewish woman whose husband died quite a few years ago, but she is still in tremendous pain over the loss. Another is my next-door neighbor whose husband died suddenly at age 52 on Palm Sunday. Please pray that these women will look to Yeshua for salvation and the healing of their hearts.

Holding up the Matza at the Seder

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Knowing that you are standing with me for the cause of Jewish evangelism is a tremendous encouragement as I continue to take steps forward with the ministry. I’m praying for you, too, that God will show you wonderful things in His Word (Psalm 119:18) and that He will prosper you in all aspects of your life—in your health and emotions, relationships, career and finances, and especially in your growth and maturing in Him. I welcome your specific prayer requests which you can send to me at diannp@cjfm.org.

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

Diann Parkas

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