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December 2018 

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio!

We are in the midst the holiday season and are wrapping up another year here in Columbus, Ohio. 

James Warner Wallace Event 

We kicked off our new term in September with a lecture with James Warner Wallace called “The Moral Evidence for God.” Mr. Wallace is one of the most popular apologetics speakers in the country.  

We had a great turnout and our event received a write-up in The Ohio Lantern. This was a first and we were delighted for the publicity!  Here is a picture of me with Mr. Wallace and our students. 

National Apologetics Conference

In mid-October, I was blessed to be able to speak again at the largest apologetics conference in the country. The National Apologetics Conference was in Charlotte, North Carolina and featured speakers such as Ravi Zacharias, Hugh Ross, Josh McDowell, and Norman Geisler. We were so blessed to have one of our volunteers recruit a large group of students from our campus ministry to attend the conference. Here is a picture of us at the conference.  

Saying Goodbye to Students 

As we end the year, we are sad to see two of our student leaders graduate and leave the campus. One of them, Steven Turner, did a comprehensive presentation on the Quran. Steven is an Islamic Studies major, and he is headed to seminary to do further graduate studies after he graduates from OSU this month.

A few years back, Steven found out about our ministry through seeing a poster for one of our events. He has been a regular participant with us ever since. He has been such an asset to us and we are sad to see him graduate. The good news is Steven won't be far away. His seminary is in Kentucky, and he will be back to share what he is learning. Here is a picture of Steven teaching at our meeting. 

Our other student, Jeremiah Smith, found us his freshman year and has served with us for the last four years. He has been active in outreach, in our meetings, and has been a tremendous blessing. Jeremiah is going to pursue missionary work in Italy. We are thankful for both of these students God has brought to us. 


We are thankful for the many students we spoke to at both the Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College. Please pray for all the Jewish students, as well as other students we spoke to this fall. Pray God’s seeds were planted and that they bear fruit. Here is a picture of me talking to two students.

January 2019 

As we look forward to 2019, we will have Dr. Frank Turek, co-author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist back to The Ohio State University January 29, 2018. 


We are so thankful for those that have partnered with us over the last year. I have noted in the past that we have the only two apologetics ministries on The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College campuses. Between both of these schools, there are nearly 100,000 students. The need for these ministries on both campuses is greater than ever. If you want to partner with us on a monthly basis, please go to our online link at

Or, please include a small note or letter that the donation is preferenced for Eric Chabot and mail it to: 

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In His service,

Eric Chabot