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December 2017

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio!

We have entered the holiday season, and the cold weather is here. On a personal note, my children just finished two huge play productions, and my wife did most of the work on the props for the plays. So my family is ready for a holiday break!

The Ohio State University: Dr. Michael Strauss Lecture 

Thank you to all who prayed for our recent event at Ohio State. We hosted Dr. Michael Strauss who is a physicist at the University of Oklahoma. The title of the talk was called “Do Scientific Discoveries Point to the Existence of God?” I think most of us were thoroughly impressed with his presentation. He was obviously quite knowledgeable about the topic. He gave three arguments for God’s existence using contemporary science. We found him to be quite gracious. We had some very good questions during the Q&A session. Please pray that whatever seeds were planted at the event will bear fruit.

Outreach at Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University

I am very happy with our regular outreach to students at our newest venture—Columbus State Community College. Students are eager to talk about spiritual things and the questions we pose always spark their interest. Here are a few photos showing some of the questions we have utilized as well as us speaking to students. Please pray for all the encounters we had with the students. God tends to send them back into our presence on more than one occasion. Also, please pray for Zachary who is a Jewish student that I have spoken to on several occasions. I mentioned him in the last update letter. I see him on the campus on a regular basis. Our goal is to emulate what we do at The Ohio State University. We want to have meetings on the campus for students on a monthly basis. Please pray that comes to pass.

New Resource

I had mentioned some new resources that were going to be available in the near future. CJFM has published a booklet called Is Yeshua the Jewish Messiah? It is available for purchase online at

Looking into 2018

We are currently working on hosting a debate in February 2018, and also have several other events in the works for both campuses.

In His service,

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