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June 2018

Hello Partners!

Summer is here, and we are enjoying the warm weather here in Columbus, Ohio.

Finishing the Term at The Ohio State University

We wrapped up our term at the end of April at The Ohio State University. I was very pleased with our year on campus. In our last meeting of the term, we were privileged to have Dr. Rich Suplita speak about his journey from atheism to a relationship with the Messiah. Rich was a neuroscience professor at the University of Georgia where he served as the faculty advisor for the atheist group on campus. That year, a careful analysis of the atheistic worldview helped him realize that atheism is dead and philosophy has killed it. Here is a picture of Dr. Suplita speaking at our meeting.

I also managed to gather a couple of testimonies from students who have attended our weekly meetings this year. Here are a couple of them:

“Being a part of an apologetics ministry at Ohio State has been one of the highlights of my college career. I've gotten to learn a tremendous amount from Eric and other guest speakers which have been such an encouragement and edification for defending and proclaiming my faith in Jesus Christ. God has been able to use this ministry on campus in my life to help advance my ministry amongst Muslims and other students at Ohio State in a great way, and I'm eager to help and get more involved with this ministry in my final semester at Ohio State."- Steven, Islamic Studies major

“Large universities are places of diversity in people and thought. One of the perks of a large university is that there are so many options for extracurricular activities and groups to be involved with. For me, an apologetics ministry on the campus was a place to find like-minded people, form new friendships, and to learn a lot more about how our faith can be scrutinized and how I can be sure of my faith.”- Petra, Graduate student

Rabbi/Christian Event in Portland, Oregon

I wanted to report that our Jewish-Christian event in Portland, Oregon, on March 8, (or, the 8th of March) went well. I joined Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana, Senior Rabbi from Congregation Beth Israel in Portland, Oregon, to discuss spiritual issues such as God, sin, the Messiah, salvation, the afterlife, and others. Here is a picture of us at the event. I was able to present our beliefs in this format. I also left a challenge with the audience by asking them, “What if this is really true?” I wanted them to realize the urgency behind the issue of who the Messiah is. Here, you can see a picture of me with Rabbi Cahana. You can also view the event online at Please pray that God planted seeds in the Jewish people who attended.

Columbus State Community College Outreach

Since Ohio State is presently on summer break, we have moved onto doing our outreaches at Columbus State Community College. We are off to a very productive start. I have enclosed a picture of me talking to a Jewish student named Gabe. Please pray for all the students we have spoken to and will speak to this summer.

Xenos Summer Institute

In mid-July, I will be speaking at the Xenos Summer Institute here in Columbus, Ohio. These summer conferences draw between 2-3,000 people. This year, James Warner Wallace and Sean McDowell will be their headline speakers. I will be doing a session called “Jesus, Just Another Messianic Pretender or the True Messiah?” If you would like to attend, here is the link to the registration page:

CJF Blog

I wanted to remind you to check out the CJF blog ( I place theological and apologetic posts on this site on a regular basis. It is my hope that these posts will strengthen and equip you in your walk with the Lord.


I have noted in the past that we have the only two apologetics ministries on The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College campuses. Between both of these schools, there are nearly 100,000 students. The need for these ministries on both campuses is greater than ever. If you want to partner with us on a monthly basis, please click on the donate button on my page.

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In His Service,

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