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September 2018

Hello Partners: 

We are heading into fall here in Columbus, Ohio; our summer has almost come to an end.

The Ohio State University 

We kicked off our term at Ohio State with the Involvement Fair. This always allows us to recruit new students for the new term and get into several spiritual conversations. We had a productive experience. I have enclosed some pictures here. 

Outreach Efforts at The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College

We have had plenty of conversations with students on both campuses. Our question of the day has been “Can you have objective morality without God?” This has been done in anticipation of our event on September 13, 2018. James Warner Wallace, author of God’s Crime Scene and Cold Case Christianity, will be on the campus to lecture on the “The Moral Evidence for God.”  I have included some pictures as well.

Weekly Meetings at The Ohio State University 

Our weekly meetings on campus started at the end of August. Some of the topics we have done and  will be doing to equip students include the following: 

  • What does it mean to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind?
  • A Look at Judaism: How do we respond to the charge of Christian anti-Semitism?
  • The Challenge of Miracles: Do we see miracles and God’s activity in today’s world?
  • A Look at the Problem of Evil/Suffering 

National Apologetics Conference: Charlotte, North Carolina

I am very blessed to be able to speak at the National Apologetics Conference on October 12-13, 2018, in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is one of the largest apologetics conferences in the country. It will feature speakers such as Ravi Zacharias, Hugh Ross, Gary Habermas, and others. The theme will be “The God Who Is.” This will be a remarkable conference. If you want to attend, here is the link:

CJFM Blog Posts

In my last letter, I mentioned that I write for the blog at CJFM. These posts are on facebook and other social media outlets. You can see a three-part series on the blog called “How Should a Christian View Israel?” at

Prayer Points

While there are many others, if you could, please pray for these students we have spoken to this term on both campuses:  

  • Jewish agnostic freshman student: Ben grew up in the same community as I did. We talked for a long time.
  • Connor: Conner calls himself an agnostic/atheist. He has talked to us two times. He said he lives as if God doesn’t exist, but he is open to know how we can know there is a God. 
  • Matthew: atheist. 
  • Bilal: Muslim student. He has lots of questions and he is somewhat open. 
  • Malki: Muslim student.


I have noted in the past that we have the only two apologetics ministries on The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College campuses. Between both of these schools, there are nearly 100,000 students. The need for these ministries on both campuses is greater than ever. If you want to partner with us on a monthly basis, please go to our online link at

Or, please include a small note or letter that the donation is preferenced for Eric Chabot and mail it to: 

CJF Ministries
PO Box 345
San Antonio, TX 78292-0345

In His service, 

Eric Chabot