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November 2018 

Shalom and Greetings in our Messiah: 

I want to encourage each and every one of you who throughout the years have prayed for Jewish evangelism, financially supported Jewish evangelism, and even more importantly, have believed in the biblical mandate to go to the Jew first. The Scriptures teach us what to expect when we go. We are led to believe that during the Church Age only a remnant of Jewish people will come to faith. This does not mean that God will not do big things with His remnant. Recently while attending the congregation of a Jewish pastor friend of mine, I witnessed firsthand the big things God is doing with His remnant! I love to share great news about the Good News. There were 200 people in attendance at the service and 180 of them were Jewish believers. A few of these 180 were some of those you and I together have led to the Lord. This ought to encourage all of us. I don’t believe I can put into words just how filled with joy I was observing these 180 Jewish believers worship our God. This is a rare sight; usually, it is the other way around— 180 Gentiles worshipping alongside 20 Jewish believers. This is a reminder of what God is doing among the remnant thanks to each of you. 


  • The Gospel, that it would first spread rapidly and be glorified in the hearts of "the lost sheep of the house of Israel," and also for the salvation of the Gentiles with whom I share the Gospel message;

  • Church meetings—to increase both in number and fruitfulness;

  • For a family member dying of cancer;

  • Continued support for my ministry;

  • Open hearts for the Gospel; and,

  • Sandie’s witness to Jewish friends and neighbors.


We are so grateful to you for being such a crucial part of the Lord’s work through us. Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue and survive as the Lord’s ambassadors to the Jewish people. Thank you for your commitment to our ministry.

In Messiah’s love and ours,

Mike and Sandra Campo

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