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January 2017

Shalom and greetings in our Messiah:

One of the greatest joys of my ministry is the privilege to travel and speak to God’s people about the importance of Israel and bringing the Gospel to Jewish people. Sometimes these travels are more pastoral and less about Israel! And sometimes the pastoral and Israel come together in an unexpected way. I share that with you because recently I met a young Jewish lady who is a believer. After the service I could easily detect that she was troubled. Her trouble was in her marriage. She struggled with the type of church her husband was attending, preferring that he join her in the church of her choice. His unwillingness was cause for concern. I advised her to be loyal and submissive to her husband but still remain in the church of her choice. It is not too often that this advice is practical but in this case, her husband’s church meets on Saturday and hers on Sunday. She took very seriously my advice and said she would prayerfully consider following my counsel! I cannot begin to express how many times in my 30+ years of being a missionary to the Jewish people that God has brought His people to me in these pastoral opportunities. I am eternally grateful that the Lord has blessed me with both Jewish evangelism and Jewish edification and discipleship!


  • The Gospel, that it would first spread rapidly among ‘’the lost sheep of the house of Israel,'' and then also be embraced by the Gentiles with whom I share the Gospel message;
  • Church meetings—to increase both in number and fruitfulness;
  • Praise God for the pastor in Wisconsin who was healed;
  • A young boy with autism;
  • Two newly-saved people;
  • A girl very close to me;
  • The Indian man on vacation; and,
  • A Jewish girl I witnessed to.


We are so grateful to you for being such a crucial part of the Lord’s work through us. Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue as the Lord’s ambassadors to the Jewish people. Thank you for your commitment to our ministry.

In Messiah’s love and ours,

Mike and Sandra Campo

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