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April 2018

Shalom and Greetings in our Messiah: 

Since the last time I wrote, I lost one of my nearest and dearest friends. We met over 45 years ago and remained close throughout. His wife asked if I would be willing to officiate his funeral and of course I accepted this honor. For over 40 years I have made it a point to keep the Gospel close to his ears. It saddens me that he never repented and believed the Gospel. During my last visit with him, he was unresponsive. As the end was drawing near, I remember my son telling me that the last thing to go is our hearing. We know this from the medical community, but I believe it is the result of God’s sovereign mercy. He designed these bodies to retain our sense of hearing—the one thing we need the most before we take our last breath. Remembering my son’s thoughts, I took one last opportunity to minister the Gospel to him. And while I know he never responded to me, it’s not us, but God who must hear him repent and believe.

At the funeral I chose Ecclesiastes Chapter 7, focusing our minds and hearts on those words that it is better to go to a house of mourning than a house of feasting because the living take it to heart. If ever there is time to get serious about death and dying, it’s at a funeral parlor. I am reminded from Solomon that this funeral lesson in Chapter 7 is less about the deceased and more about those who will soon be. How fitting that at a predominantly Gentile funeral where I had many conversations, there came an older Jewish man who asked if I would do his funeral. Sometimes we never know who God is seeking out to save.


  • The Gospel, that it would firstspread rapidly and be glorified in the hearts of “the lost sheep of the house of Israel,” and also for the salvation of the Gentiles with whom I share the Gospel message; 
  • Church meetings—to increase both in number and fruitfulness;
  • Young boy with autism;
  • A girl that is fighting addiction;
  • For our friends in St. Marteen and Puerto Rico who have lost everything; also that they can find work;
  • A new Jewish family, that they would come to know the Messiah;
  • A neighbor who has heard the Gospel from Sandie—that she would come to know the Lord;
  • Jewish man at the funeral; and,
  • For a young girl who was just told she has a rare cancer, that the doctors will find a cure!


We are so grateful to you for being such a crucial part of the Lord’s work through us. Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue as the Lord’s ambassadors to the Jewish people. Thank you for your commitment to our ministry.

In Messiah’s love and ours,

Mike and Sandra Campo

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