Michelle Beadle Ministry Update



Thank you so very much for your response to my last newsletter. Last month was the third month this year that monthly fundraising goals for our work here in New Orleans, in Los Angeles, and around the USA,  were fully met. I cannot thank you enough for your response to our appeal. 

I would like to reach out to all of you with personal thanks, I just need you to send me your cell phone number. You can call or text me at 210-410-1034. My cell has a San Antonio area code but as you know, I am in the greater New Orleans area. Or you can send me an e-mail at michelleb@cjfm.org

It was wonderful to hear from three of you who contacted me to let me know of your commitment to support us on a monthly basis. We are still looking for people who are willing to make monthly and/or yearly commitments. Our goal is to raise an additional $3,000 per month.

I am also hoping to identify people who would be willing to fund yearly projects. If you can underwrite expenses for our yearly Messiah in the Passover Model Seder with Appetizers, or our yearly Rosh Hashanah and Passover Seders, or our yearly Mardi Gras outreach. Please call me so we can discuss the details. The cost of each project is approximately $800.


G-d is so good. I am currently meeting for Bible study with a woman who is partially paralyzed and who has made a transition from a nursing home back to independent living. Her apartment, however, had no furniture other than what the state provided. Noting the condition of her apartment, someone gave her a breakfast table, but without any chairs. So I prayed that G-d would help me find furniture for this woman in need. That same evening, at an Israeli dance club that I usually attend in New Orleans, a man announced that he was giving away four chairs to anyone who needed them. I could not believe my ears. I was so excited that G-d answered my prayers so quickly. The man gladly gave me the chairs, and I was able to deliver them a few days later. They matched her table perfectly! 

The next time I visited her she had a sofa and love seat in her den donated by a neighbor down the hall. G-d is so good to provide exactly what is needed when we pray. 

A week later, during my next visit, this woman expressed concern for a friend who is experiencing health problems. She introduced me to her friend and we talked about spiritual things. I needed to learn about their beliefs and spiritual background. We agreed to continue the conversation at the next visit. I was able to assess that this person did not know Jesus personally and needed someone to explain the Good News. 

I returned the following week with an excellent pamphlet titled Two Ways to Live. We went through the pamphlet together and at the conclusion of the session, the person prayed and received Jesus as their personal Savior. That day, for the first time, this woman’s friend showed an interest in our weekly Bible study and joined us to study G-d’s Word. 

I hope you will keep both of them in your prayers. Please pray that they both grow in the L-rd and remain steadfast in the faith.


Over the last 23 years as I have shared Messiah with Jewish people and Gentile persons alike, I have developed a ten lesson Bible study series on Messianic prophecy which I share with seekers. I am currently working with an editor in Nashville to put that series into writing. She was formerly employed by Moody Press and has many years of editing experience. Once the book is complete, I will need to find a designer to work on the front and back covers. I hope you will pray with me for the completion of the series. Pray that it will be well written and upon publication will be a helpful resource for many. 


There is much going on behind the scenes, but I am unable to share developments publicly. If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to call me.


I hope you will join me in prayer for the following people who have special needs:

Lynn, Blair, Ed, Gloria, Dylan, Alex, Stephanie, Carol, and T.

Please also join me in prayer for three women and a man. May they embrace Yeshua as their Redeemer.


My son-in-law, daughter, and grandson recently moved to lead a Messianic congregation in Agoura Hills, California. It is about a 40-minute drive from Los Angeles. I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with them at a Messianic conference in Florida. The conference was attended by Messianic Jewish leaders from throughout the world. The featured speaker was a Jewish professor of New Testament at Vanderbilt University. In between sessions, meetings with supporters, and reunions with colleagues, I was also able to spend some time with my grandson. Here he is with Disney characters who made an appearance at the International conference. 

My grandson with Aladdin and Jasmine, characters from a Disney movie. He just started first grade! He is growing up so fast.

My son has been working in the foodservice industry and is looking for a job. If you know of any good work opportunities, I hope you will contact me with information about openings.


Thank you for being such an integral part of our ministry through your support, prayers, and financial gifts. As you have blessed us may you also be blessed. Your partnership enables us to continue sharing His love with "the Jewish people first and also the Gentiles.” 

As the Lord leads, please use the enclosed envelope to send a supporting gift preferenced for Michelle Beadle. Your contribution entitles you to receive a subscription to our publication, Messianic Perspectives.

In Messiah’s Love,

Michelle Beadle

If you prefer to keep in touch by text or email please send a message to michelleb@cjfm.org.


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