Michelle Beadle Ministry Update

 November 2018


By the time this newsletter reaches you, we will be in the midst of the winter holiday season. I hope this has been a good year for you, and pray that 2019 will be an even better year. I pray you will have a wonderful time celebrating with your family and friends.

To those of you who support our ministry, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Words are inadequate to express our gratitude for your help and support. Your support enables us to continue following the path G-d has ordained for us. You make it possible for us to take the good news to the Jewish people first and also to the Gentiles. We are eternally grateful for your help and support and pray that G-d blesses you abundantly as you have blessed the descendants of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. 


Our Messianic Jewish Chavurah (fellowship) celebrated Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot at my home in September. 

We then celebrated the immersion (baptism) of a new Jewish believer. 

Our Messianic Women’s Fellowship also celebrated Sukkot at my home. 


Thank you so very much for your response to my last newsletter. Two people contacted me to say they wanted to fund our yearly projects fully. That means we only have one project for next year that still needs funding. If you can help, please call me at 210-410-1034. The cost of each project is $800.

We are still looking for people who are willing to make monthly and yearly commitments to help support CJF Ministries. We have been asked to raise an additional $3,000 per month for this ministry. If 30 people would commit to giving $100 per month, or 60 people would commit to giving $50 every month, or 100 people would give $30 every month, we would meet our goal. 


Over the last 23 years as I have shared Messiah with Jewish people and Gentile persons alike, I have developed a ten-lesson Bible study series on Messianic prophecy which I share with seekers. I am currently working with an editor in Nashville to put that series into writing. She used to be on staff with Moody press and has many years of editing experience. Once the book is complete, I will send it to a publisher in San Francisco who works with Ingram Press. I hope you will pray with me for the completion of the series. Pray that it will be well written and upon publication will be a helpful resource for many. 


Most of you probably heard the news about the fires in California around Thousand Oaks. My daughter and her family who live and work in the area were forced to evacuate their residence. They are staying with the president of their Messianic synagogue. Most of the members of their congregation were affected by the fires. Please keep them in your prayers. 

My grandson is putting up his bookbag at school.

Thank you so much for your prayers for my son. He was hired by Hewlett Packard and recently joined their sales team at Best Buy.  


I hope you will join me in prayer for the following people who have special needs:

Please pray that a six-year-old girl will recover from an autoimmune disorder.

Pray for members of a Messianic synagogue in Agoura Hills affected by the Woolsley fire in California.


Thank you for being such an integral part of our ministry through your support, prayers, and financial gifts. As you have blessed us, may you also be blessed. Your partnership enables us to continue sharing the love of G-d in Yeshua with "the Jewish people first and also the Gentiles.”  As the L-rd leads, please use the enclosed envelope to send a supporting gift preferenced for Michelle Beadle. Your contribution entitles you to receive a subscription to our publication, Messianic Perspectives.

In Messiah’s love,

Michelle Beadle

If you prefer to keep in touch by text or e-mail, please send a message to michelleb@cjfm.org.



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