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May 2017

Personal Note

Shalom from Las Vegas! We have been having very weird spring weather. It gets hot and then cold, and then hot and cold again! We’ve lived in Las Vegas for 17 years and have never seen this kind of spring weather. Maybe it is a reflection of how spiritually weird it has been lately too!

UNLV Outreach

On campus, we have been infiltrated with spiritually unusual organizations. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) showed up one day and set up shop right next to our group. They held up signs that read “fish feel pain too.” I guess they were trying to save the fish from getting eaten! A couple from our group shared with them. The infamous Westboro Baptist Church visited UNLV spewing out their hate-filled message. I cannot stand for “supposed” believers telling folks that God hates them! What Bible are they reading? The LGBT club on campus came out in droves protesting against the Westboro’s protesting and of course the TV News station was out filming away. Thank God they were only there for half an hour. It certainly looked like these two groups were after one thing—TV publicity! One girl came over to protest our group’s evangelism. She stood right next to our table dressed in an all black (Celtic style) shirt, pants, and boots with her sign saying, “Kiss a girl for Satan.” In addition to all this, we’ve had competition from the “Mother of God” cult. They have periodically camped out in our area, aggressively hounding students with their belief that the “mother of God” is God! They are not talking about Mary being the mother but rather the New Jerusalem being the “mother of God” from Rev. 21:9-10 and Gal. 4:26. I talked with one guy and he believed the “mother of God” was the New Jerusalem and he worshiped this city! Simply amazing!

Ligia, our newest volunteer and member of Beth Yeshua, led a young lady to the Lord on campus. She said this was her first time doing so and that she had earnestly prayed to the Lord that morning to help her lead someone to Him! Praise the Lord, He answered her prayer! Ligia also led another student to the Lord on our last day at UNLV—now that’s two!

On the familiar side of our outreach, we teamed up with Rod and Rosie Grubb (Truth 4 Las Vegas), who have an evangelism ministry here in Las Vegas. We had 17 volunteers passing out 800 “Atheist Delusion” DVDs. As you can see from the picture, my whole family came out! Stephanie’s head peaks out on top of Rod’s cap. Our whole group gave the Gospel out to many and Oanh led three students to the Lord that day! Please pray for their sanctification and for revival on UNLV campus!

“Shopping for Souls” Mall Ministry

Whenever our Israeli Jewish missionary friends Shlomy and Miriam (Awake Israel) visit us, we have to go to the malls to shop for Jewish souls! They both are fluent in Hebrew and have their ministry outside of Tel Aviv. We all had a great time sharing, even the not-yet-saved Israeli Jewish people! That’s why I love going to the malls; the Israelis love to talk about Israel, politics, and even Yeshua and will still greet us with a smile the next time we see them! We were able to share the Good News with a total of ten Israeli Jewish people that day. Please pray for revival among the Jewish people of Las Vegas.

Off Price Show

Another Jewish missionary friend, Steven Kaplan, came into town for the “Off Price Show.” It is a show where hundreds of clothing companies sell their products wholesale to distributors. Steven comes every year to buy and also share Jesus with the many Jewish retailers. Pastor Cooper and Rich joined Steve one day and shared the Gospel with two Jewish people. There were a lot of Orthodox Jewish men, but they were tough to talk with. Please pray for God to open these Jewish hearts to the Gospel.

Passover Seders

This year our 14th Annual Passover Seder was a resounding success. We praise the Lord for all the helpers and for the unsaved Jewish and Gentile people who attended. We had a total of 150 people attend and the whole night’s agenda ran rather smoothly! Rich preached the good news that Yeshua Jesus is our Passover Lamb who was sacrificed as our blood atonement for our sins!

Rich also presented the Passover many times in churches and at the Veteran’s Home in Boulder City. One veteran of the 25 who attended our Seder received Jesus as Lord and Savior. It is a wonderful privilege for us to teach the veterans about the Passover every year! They love to worship with Oanh and the dance team! The picture shows some of our happy veterans receiving our gifts of Rich’s book and “Jesus Loves You” Star of David T-shirts! Please pray for our veterans and this new believer.

Salvation Update

Since the previous issue of Rich’s Reporter, 33 people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior through our ministry. In 17 years of ministering in Las Vegas as CJFM missionaries, we have led a total of 1,132 souls (including 61 Jewish people) to the Lord. We praise the Lord for using us to His glory!

Please Pray for . . .

  1. More churches and individuals to partner with us;
  2. God to continue to open more doors for our outreaches: Beth Yeshua, UNLV, the malls, Jewish Roots radio show on the Internet, speaking in churches, referrals, and the dance team in convalescent homes; and,
  3. God to open the door for our own place to worship in Summerlin, Nevada.

Thanks from the Hill’s

You are greatly appreciated! Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue as missionaries to the 80,000 Jewish people living in Las Vegas. We praise God for you, and thank you for your love and commitment.

If our ministry has blessed you, then please consider joining us as consistent financial partners. We need your help! Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you with His promise: “I will bless those who bless you” (Gen. 12:3).

In Messiah’s love,

Rich and Oahn

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