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March 2018

Personal Note

Shalom from Las Vegas! We have lived and ministered in Las Vegas for almost 18 years now. Our children are all growing up! Stephanie is being courted for marriage; she and Rebekah are shooting archery to make the 2020 Olympics; and Isaak just starting driving with a permit. Please pray for the Hill family! Since our last “Rich’s Reporter,” much has happened and we are so excited to report it to you. So, here goes!

Rachel and Peter

During the preaching of the sermon at Beth Yeshuaservices, Oanh teaches the children. Recently, Rachel and her Jewish family visited. Her family members are believers but Rachel had yet to make a profession of faith. During the children’s class, Oanh explained the Good News message of Jesus and led Rachel to the Lord. Oanh led her friend Susan to the Lord as well. Both girls’ hearts were so tender and ready to receive the Lord. A Jewish man named Peter, however, is a different story. For several years, he had been invited to come to services with a certain couple who didn’t live in Las Vegas but attended Beth Yeshua whenever they were in town. Peter has come to our “Dinner and a Movie” nights only a few times over the years. More recently, he came to our Yom Kippur service. But he was far from the Lord! One Friday night, Peter just showed up at service during the sermon! What a surprise! He took a seat off to the side while Rich was preaching from John 20 about the Resurrection of Jesus! What a great time for Peter to join us! He listened intently to the teaching and raised his hand at the invitation. After the service, Rich asked Peter if he had actually received Yeshua that night. He said that he did and Rich asked him why. Peter said, “Well Rich, everything you taught tonight just finally made sense to me, and I received Yeshua!” It was like the light bulb finally going on for Peter. Rich told him he should tell his friends since they attended the service that same night. Peter walked up to his friends and told them, “I made my peace with God!” You should have seen their faces—they were completely dumbfounded just as Rich was! We all could not believe it, but it was true. Peter has confirmed his belief in Yeshua since that night whereas before, he would neversay he believed in Jesus! Please pray for Rachel and Peter’s growth in the Lord.


Chanukah is a family-filled time of worshiping the Lord. The Israeli Jewish young folk leave family in Israel to travel and work in Las Vegas. So our gang goes to the malls, gives out presents (like “I Love Israel” T-shirts), and shares Yeshua. We reach out to them with God’s love and the message to join the Lord’s family! This picture shows us with an Israeli Jewish girl. We shared the Good News of Yeshua with her and gave her a T-shirt. She was so excited that she wanted a picture with us! The next picture reveals some of our older folks at Beth Yeshuashowing our younger folks how to light the chanukiah(the nine-branched menorah) for Chanukah. We celebrated with a service and a party with lots of great Jewish food, too!

Las Vegas Archery Shoot<

The last picture shows Rich at the Archery Shoot wearing his “Jesus Loves You” Star of David T-shirt. This Archery Shoot is the largest one in the world where over 3,500 archers attend. So you can imagine hundreds of booths set up for organizations and businesses selling their wares. There are also a number of Israeli Jewish people in those booths. Rich was able to share the Gospel with two of them. Leah was very interested to know about Messianic Judaism where we have incorporated the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, as the center of our worship. She was pleasantly surprised that we have mikveh (water baptism), celebrate Shabbat, and keep all the Feasts of Israel. She was asking a lot of questions and genuinely interested until a sales colleague came by and ruined everything. He mocked Yeshua, and me, and proceeded to “bless” his co-worker with motioning his hand over her head in a cross formation like a priest would do. Oy vey! But praise the Lord, she heard the Good News before the interruption. Please pray for Leah’s salvation.

UNLV Campus Outreach

Besides the usual cursing we receive from some students, our outreach has been blessed by the Lord! Lejia led two students to the Lord since our last “Rich’s Reporter.” She has been on fire with sharing Jesus with the students. Rhonda also led Mary to the Lord but not without some issues. If you remember past “Rich’s Reporters,” we’ve written about the many cults on campus. The “Mother of God” cult is back preaching their confused doctrines. At least most of the students know they are “meshugenah” (crazy). Our team tries to minister to them but they refuse to hear. But in this case, we found out afterward that a so-called “Christian” followed the Mary Rhonda had led to the Lord and chastised her for praying to receive Jesus. He actually told her she was not saved! Thank God she knew this guy was also “meshugenah” and did not listen to him. She confirmed her salvation to us later on as well. Thank God this man has not returned to the campus to cause any more mayhem.

Kumi, a Chinese Filipino believer, attends UNLV as a student and asked Rich to train her how to evangelize. So Rich trained her in the basics of evangelizing Jewish people. After a few weeks of passing out tracts, Kumi was able to share Jesus for the first time. A friend of hers stopped by and started the conversation with the questioning remark, “I did not know you were religious.” Kumi replied, “I’m not! I have a personal relationship with God!” Way to go Kumi! That’s how Rich taught her to segment into the Gospel! Please pray for Mary’s growth in the Lord, for God’s protection upon our evangelism team on campus, and for Kumi to have great boldness and blessing in evangelizing.

Salvation Update

Since the previous issue of Rich’s Reporter, 6 people (two are Jewish) received Jesus as their Lord and Savior through our ministry. In almost 18 years of ministering in Las Vegas as CJFM missionaries, we have led a total of 1,167 souls (including 65 Jewish people) to the Lord. We praise the Lord for using us to His glory!

Please Pray for . . .

  1. More churches and individuals to partner with us;

  2. God to continue to open more doors for our outreaches: Beth Yeshua, UNLV, the malls, speaking in churches, referrals, and the dance team in convalescent homes; and,

  3. God to open the door for our own place to worship in Summerlin, Nevada.

Thanks from the Hills

You are greatly appreciated! Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue as missionaries to the 80,000 Jewish people living in Las Vegas. We praise God for you, and thank you for your love and commitment.

In Messiah’s love,

Rich and Oahn

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