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February 2017

Personal Note

Shalom from Las Vegas! In May we will celebrate our 17th year of service unto the Lord at CJF Ministries! We praise the Lord for all He has done and will do in the future. But we also want to thank all of our supporters who faithfully pray and give to our ministry. We truly could not have done it without your help! We hope and pray that you will continue with us in this most important ministry to God’s chosen people, the Jewish people!

Our Fathers

It is a sad situation within the Hill family. Oanh and I both grew up with wonderful grandparents. But our children have only known their marvelous grandmothers. Their grandfathers are both recluse and only one has even a remote relationship with our children. For many years, we have been praying for their salvation and for a better relationship. Praise the Lord, we are seeing God at work although both still need Jesus! Oanh’s father recently had a difficult surgery. Oanh and the kids were able to have a nice visit with him beforehand. He was very scared of the surgery, and we know God is working on his heart. Rich’s dad, on the other hand, is a different story of estrangement. For most of his life, he had no interest in communicating with his five children. For years at a time, we would not know whether he was alive or dead. After about 15 years of no visits and a few phone calls, Rich and his sister, Debbie, were able to fly across the country to visit their father. Their sole goal in this visitation was to share the good news message of Jesus to an old father who might not have much time left in this life. They wanted to share their love for him but more importantly, God’s love for Him. Praise God, they were successful. However, he is still far from Jesus. Please pray for both Rich and Oanh’s fathers to be saved.

“Shopping for Souls” Mall Ministry

During Chanukah, our volunteer team went “shopping for Jewish souls” in the malls. Like last year, we brought “I Love Israel” T-shirts to give as Chanukah presents to the Israeli Jewish people who sell their own products at kiosks in the malls. As you can see from the two pictures, this outreach was a big hit. The first picture has an Israeli Jewish young lady taking a selfie with our group. She was so excited to receive a shirt for Chanukah—she wanted a picture of all of us! She also listened intently to the Good News message. Our second picture shows two Gentiles so excited about the shirts that they immediately put them on and wanted pictures to send to their Jewish boss! In all, we gave away 14 T-shirts, 1 Hebrew New Testament, and shared the Gospel with 5 Israeli Jewish people and 3 Gentile people. Please pray for the salvation of these folks.

UNLV Salvations

Toward the end of the Spring semester, we had a flurry of salvations on campus! Rhonda led a young girl to the Lord and John led a young girl to the Lord, too. Both were just ready for the plucking. Many times we share with students who are really close to receiving the Lord but do not pray with us. These two were just ready for Him and were not getting away from the Lord! Rhonda found out that the girl she led to the Lord was already attending her large church! That means it will be easy to stay connected with her.

Rich also led a young lady to the Lord. She was a non-believer, but her aunt continuously shared the Gospel with her over the years. After sharing the Good News with her, I asked her if she was ready to receive the Lord. If I think people are close to receiving the Lord, I offer! She said “Yes” and we prayed the salvation prayer found in one of our tracts. She received a New Testament and was on her way. A few weeks later, I met up with her on campus again. I asked her if she was still believing in the Lord Jesus and she said, “Yes, I have peace in my life now.” She also confirmed that something was lifted from her shoulders when she prayed to receive Jesus! How awesome! Please pray for these three young students that they will become strong disciples of Jesus!


Austin, our newest and youngest disciple, was led to the Lord last year by Oanh at Beth Yeshua. Since then, Austin was baptized and has been sharing Jesus with her schoolmates and friends at her apartment complex. One night at Beth Yeshua, Austin introduced us to her new friend Diana. After talking with Oanh for a while after the service, Diana received Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Since then, she has been regularly attending Beth Yeshua! Please pray for Diana’s new walk with Jesus!

Passover Seder 2017 is Scheduled

Our city-wide Passover Seder 2017 is scheduled for Good Friday, April 14 at 6 p.m. If you are interested in attending, please contact Rich or Oanh at 702-256-0840 or richardh@cjfm.org. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing and for many Jewish and Gentile salvations!

Freedom in Messiah - Rich’s Newest Book

Rich’s newest book, Freedom in Messiah, is available for purchase! If you want a copy, please go to www.bethyeshualv.org and click on the picture of the book. Rich also has been invited by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum to teach a week’s worth of classes on “The Jewish Roots of Galatians” using his new book! You can sign up for Camp Shoshanah classes at Ariel’s website: www.ariel.org/shoshanah-pmjs.htm. Rich will be teaching the week of August 7-11.

Salvation Update

Since the previous issue of Rich’s Reporter, five people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior through our ministry. In 16½ years of ministering in Las Vegas as CJFM missionaries, we have led a total of 1,099 souls (including 61 Jewish people) to the Lord. We praise the Lord for using us to His glory!

Please Pray for . . .

  1. More churches and individuals to partner with us;
  2. God to continue to open more doors for our outreaches: Beth Yeshua, UNLV, the malls, Jewish Roots radio show on the Internet, speaking in churches, referrals, and the dance team in convalescent homes;
  3. God’s revival (among the Jewish people, too) in Las Vegas and on the UNLV campus; and,
  4. God to open the door for our own place to worship in Summerlin, Nevada.

Thanks from the Hill’s

You are greatly appreciated! Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue as missionaries to the 80,000 Jewish people living in Las Vegas. We praise God for you, and thank you for your love and commitment.

If our ministry has blessed you, then please consider joining us as consistent financial partners. We need your help! Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you with His promise: “I will bless those who bless you” (Gen. 12:3).

In Messiah’s love,

Rich and Oahn

P.O. Box 36156
Las Vegas, NV 89133
Phone: (800) 926-5397