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August 2018 

Shalom Friend!

It has been a busy season for me and the ministry. 


Israel Tour 

This has been a time of travel for me. In April I led a tour for Maranatha Bible Church in San Antonio. The church, pastored by our board member Rander Draper, was celebrating its 30th anniversary. I was privileged to lead this tour. What a great time we had seeing the land and celebrating the church and its people. We learned and laughed together. Below is a picture of us at the Mount of Beatitudes. 

We had some unique experiences in the land this year. Torrential rains flooded Jerusalem and washed out part of Route 90 which caused us to rearrange part of our trip. Our hike on Masada was cut short by a thunderstorm. We were the last people to come down from Masada. The wind blew so hard some of us needed help to make it back to the cable car! 

Near the end of the tour our guide came up to me and said he wanted to tell me something. He said, "I was fascinated by your Bible teaching. I have heard many teachers but your perspective is unique and I liked the way you wrapped up your teachings.”  It was quite a compliment from someone who is constantly exposed to teachings from believers. Maybe we can pray God will continue to work in his heart. 

After the tour ended, I had the opportunity to work with Jews for Jesus in their Behold Your God outreach in Jerusalem. I was only able to participate for one week and was part of the Boomer team. The campaign started before I arrived and continued after I left, but the final statistics are phenomenal. The Good News was shared with 4,937 people; 1,747 agreed to hear more; and 58 people gave their lives to Messiah. As Bob Dylan said, “The Times They Are A Changin.” 


We held our annual pastors’ conference in Jurmala, Latvia, this June. Once again we had a large group of pastors. People who attended were from eleven different countries. I was able to teach on two topics: Israel in Eschatology, and What Signs to Look for in Mark 13:14-27. On the Sunday after the conference we were all able to teach at local churches. 

A few weeks after returning home, we received some bad news. Gennady Brutsky, the man who headed our outreach in Belarus and the FSU, died suddenly of a heart attack. Gennady was only 52 years old. It was very sad and shocking for all of us. If I had to describe my relationship with Gennady, it would be like a portion of the Potiphar and Joseph story in Genesis. Potiphar put Joseph in charge and he ran the household. Potiphar did not worry about anything with Joseph in charge. It was very much like that for Gennady and me. I miss him very much. We were not only supervisor and worker, but friends. As a matter of fact, his son Paul told me, “Dad said he never felt like you were his boss, he considered you a friend.” I miss my friend but am comforted by the fact I will see him again. Please remember to pray for his wife, Natasha, and his children during a very difficult time. You can read more about Gennady at: http://www.cjfm.org/about-us/intl-representatives/gennady-brutsky/. 

Sharon and I managed to squeeze in a vacation to Italy in July. While we were in Rome I visited the Jewish quarter.  

We also took a trip to Sicily to see the house where my grandfather was born. Here is a photo of me with one of my sons and one of my grandsons at his house in Trapani. 


Finally I want to give you an update on our Leading Others program. Kyle, our first candidate is coming up on the end of his first year. As our “pilot guy” he is doing great and we are looking forward to his second year.

I was able to hire our first person for Leading Others in Israel. Dan is currently a student at Dallas Theological Seminary but when he graduates next year, he will return to begin his ministry in the Land. 

It’s very exciting to have two future leaders involved in our Leading Others Program in the first year. Thanks for your support and prayers as we seek to build God’s Kingdom. 


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Shalom and blessings to you,

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