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January 2017


I pray all of you are doing well. Speaking of prayer, please let me know if you have any prayer requests; I would like to put you on my prayer list.

Some CJFM news: As of December, my responsibilities have been expanded. As Director of Missions, I now oversee not only our US and Canadian workers but also have been given oversight for all our worldwide workers. Please pray for me for wisdom and guidance and most of all to be seeking God’s will for the future of our work.


Part of my travels these last few months had a sad element. In December, I was in Toronto to do a memorial service for our worker Jenya Drazman’s dad. Yuri Drazman was a Jewish sea captain who moved from the Ukraine to Toronto several years ago. Along with his wife, Naena, he moved in with Jenya and her family. Several months ago, Yuri was diagnosed with a rapidly developing cancer. It was sad to see him as the disease advanced, but there was a positive side. Jenya and her dad grew closer in their relationship, and this allowed her to share the Good News once more with Yuri. This time, the Spirit of God opened Yuri’s heart and mind, and he came to know the Messiah.

When Yuri’s time came to pass into the next life, he knew where he was headed—to an eternity with his Messiah. The sad time of his memorial was mixed with a hope, a real hope that one day he would be reunited with Jenya and her family as well as with the rest of the family of God. These sad events also had another piece of good news. Shortly after Yuri went to be with the Lord, Naena also came to place her faith in Messiah. Please pray for Jenya and her family and remember Naena, that God would comfort her and help her grow in her faith.


This December, I was able to visit my home away from home, Oceanview Church. It is always a joy to see my old friends there (not that they got any older) and visit for a few minutes with Pastor Jacques. I was also able to attend Beth Ariel Congregation led by my friend Gary Derechinsky. As good as it was to see Gary, we had lunch with one of the attendees, Rosey Grier. To prove it, my wife, Sharon, took this picture. Rosey is the taller guy, on the left is Rosey’s wife, Sydney. Gary and Marilou are the couple on the right.

Sydney, Rob, Rosey, Marilou, Gary


I am pleased to say after much time and effort, we have launched two Bible studies for our work in Canada! The first is in Toronto, meeting weekly at Peoples Church. The study is led by Jenya Drazman, our Toronto worker. This study started in January and will run until July. They meet on Saturday morning, and there’s still time to join; you’ve only missed a few weeks. The study is called “Life of Messiah.”

Our second Bible study is meeting in Burlington. We are doing this study in cooperation with Ariel Ministries. This study is led by Michael and Hannah Gabizon. The study started in December and meets monthly on Saturday evenings.

Michael and Rob

2017 Tour to Israel

I’m sorry to say that our CJF Ministries tour originally scheduled for October 2017 had to be postponed. The main reason is that airfare to Israel during October has skyrocketed. When the price increase was added to the other expenses, the cost became prohibitive. We are still weighing the options and will let you know when we have more definite information. Please check cjfm.org for updates.


In April of this year, we will be continuing our series of pastors’ conferences in the Former Soviet Union. This time we will be in the country of Moldova. Our worker in Belarus, Gennady, has been doing an incredible job of organizing these fruitful and encouraging conferences. This upcoming conference promises to have around 500 pastors. All these men (and their wives) will be attending our “Prophecy and Israel in the Last Days” conference. I’m looking forward to ministering to these people. It’s always a time of blessing, usually more for me.


In January, I had the opportunity to attend the SRS (Support Raise Solutions) Bootcamp training. This program will help our current missionaries and new workers to raise their support as they seek to serve the Lord. As you know, CJFM is a faith-based mission. This means each worker is responsible for raising his or her own support. As we look ahead to ministry in the future, we need to plan now. Thank those of you who have been supporting Sharon and me, allowing us to represent you in Jewish ministry.

SRS Bootcamp

Leading Others Update

I was able to present the Leading Others program to our Board of Directors in December. After hearing the final details of the program, the Board gave unanimous approval. Leading Others is a two-year internship program. We will partner with a Messianic congregation by providing an intern to work with the congregation and its leadership. We are implementing a few administrative details, and the program should begin this fall. If you know someone who may be a good candidate or a congregation that might benefit from Leading Others, please contact me.


Please be in prayer for our new Bible studies;

For upcoming church meetings;

For the ministry of the Moldova conference; and,

For Leading Others (our new intern program).

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Finally, thanks for all of your faithful prayers and gifts!

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