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Dan was first exposed to the Gospel in Israel after receiving a free copy of the New Testament, and then having his high-school friend share her faith in Yeshua with him. Later, her father also sat with him once a week (for 4-5 hours at a time!), patiently guiding him through the Scriptures, as well as various scientific, historical, religious, and emotional obstacles to his secular Israeli Jewish identity. He was first convinced—then convicted—that Yeshua was indeed his Messiah too. Though many of these meetings took place in public, it was at the dinner table in his friend’s home that Dan caught the “aroma” of the Messiah that this family exuded. 

Now he is the happy husband of Anja (Anya) and the proud father of their two boys. He began walking with the Lord at the age of 18. Since then he has served three years with the Israel Defense Forces; graduated with his BA in Biblical Studies from Israel College of the Bible (Netanya, Israel); and, received his Israeli Tour Guide’s license (after a grueling couple of years). He is currently a fifth-(and final) year student at Dallas Theological Seminary where he is pursuing a Master of Theology (ThM) degree while Anja works towards her Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MABC). 

Dan is a licensed tour guide in Israel, and a passionate cook at home in Dallas, Texas. Apart from hiking, photography, and cooking, his biggest passions are conversing, discussing, debating and—since coming to the faith—also listening! In other words, he really enjoys people.

“So far, our dinner table has been the center of gravity throughout our marriage. Hosting meals, both regularly and spontaneously, has afforded us generous opportunities to expose our fellow seminary students to a Jewish & Israeli perspective of the Scriptures. We are glad to say that our apartment has become not only a place of discussion, but also a haven and a comfort to many who have sat at our table. Once back in Israel we intend to do the same for our Jewish neighbors.”


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