Diann Parkas Ministry Update

October 2019

Dear Friends,

Shalom and Blessings to You! 

Jewish Woman at a Nursing Home

In July, I shared a dance and testimonial presentation at a nursing home I had never been to before. After the service, I took a few minutes to greet the participants. One woman said, “I’m Jewish.” I responded with, “So, what do you think about Jesus?” To which she answered, “Not much!” Then she explained that though she doesn’t give a hoot about Jesus, she attends all activities at the home so she won’t get bored. I asked some folks to pray for her and made plans to return.

I went back in August, but I didn’t see her. I went again in September with a message about the Jewish holy days and about how they point prophetically to Jesus. Again, I didn’t see her in the service, but this time, as I was greeting the people afterward, she came in. Praise God, it turns out that she is now reading the Bible for the first time in her life! I offered to come back during the week and do a Bible study with her, and she was eager to take me up on the offer! Please pray for her salvation!

Unsaved Couple at Shabbat Dinner

A dear believing Jewish couple invited me to a Messianic Shabbat dinner in their home. Several other believers were in attendance, along with an unbelieving couple who are the hosts’ neighbors. We had a delightful conversation, which included testimonies and other spiritual content, and then the unbelieving Jewish wife asked two sincere questions. The first one was, “What does it mean that you are ‘Messianic’?” The second one was just as good: “Why don’t the rabbis believe in Jesus?” Now the conversation really ramped up as we, as a team, answered her questions. Please pray for this couple, that they would come to saving faith! 

Teaching Worship and Messianic Dance

I was blessed again this summer with the opportunity to lead and teach Messianic worship dance at Camp Shoshanah, a Messianic Jewish Bible camp in the Adirondacks. There were believers from all corners of the world there, and many who are also involved in ministry. I am now working with a couple I met there to offer a four day Worship Dance Camp in upstate New York. Please pray that God would gather a wonderful group; that He would guide me in all the preparations; and that the participants will be inspired to live for God and use their gifts for His glory. Pray also that any who have not yet committed their lives to Jesus would put their trust in Him.

Fall Jewish Holidays

Praise God, He totally blessed a Rosh Hashanah celebration, which I held in my home in collaboration with Messengers Messianic Outreach ministry. I am also planning a celebration of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. Please pray that any not-yet-believing attendees will remember and consider the biblical witness they hear; that they will be eager to learn more; and that they will come to saving faith! 

Thank You, Ministry Partners

Recently, as I shared my ministry with a local church, I found myself gesturing to my right and to my left. I explained that though they could see me standing there, a whole team of prayer and financial supporters was there in partnership with me. And that’s you! My deepest appreciation to you who make this ministry possible!

End-of-Year Giving 

Lastly, since these update letters go out quarterly, the next one you receive from me won’t be until January of 2020. Therefore, I’m asking you early, to prayerfully consider including my ministry in your end-of-year giving. Your online giving couldn’t be easier! Go to cjfm.org/diannp and select donate. Of course, you can also give by sending a check or using bill pay. If you use one of those methods, PLEASE BE SURE TO PREFERENCE YOUR GIFT for Diann Parkas, so it will be allocated specifically for my support.

And I wish you and yours a wonderful and God-filled 2019 Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Messiahmas holiday season!

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

Diann Parkas

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