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May 2019 

Hello Partners!

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio.

Spring has brought us all kinds of unpredictable weather. But summer is right around the corner. 

The Ohio State University

We wrapped up our term at The Ohio State University in April. We are thankful for all God allowed us to do this term. We had several meetings where we equipped students to share and defend their faith. We also had some outreaches on the campus before school was out for the summer. You can see a couple pictures of some students and volunteers of ours sharing their faith with students on campus. Please pray for a Jewish student named Ben. Ben’s mother actually does believe in Jesus but his father practices Taoism. Ben is agnostic, but is very open. I spent a long time speaking to him and I gave him two of our booklets. One was on God’s existence and the other is on why Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Please pray for Ben to seek the truth and that he will come to faith in Jesus as his Messiah. 

Columbus State Community College 

As Ohio State ended their term, we headed over to Columbus State to do some outreach before their two-week break before summer. We engaged multiple students. If you could pray for the salvation of all the students we encountered and are seeing on a regular basis, we would deeply appreciate it. We will also be doing some summer outreaches at Columbus State. They have a fair number of students there for summer school. I can sense the spiritual battle we are in on that campus. There are several cults and alternative religious groups there competing with us. Here is a picture of me speaking to a student. 

James Tour Coming to The Ohio State University 

James Tour, who is a Jewish believer in Jesus and happens to be one of the top chemists in the world, will be coming to The Ohio State University this fall to do a lecture on the mystery of the origin of life. Dr. Tour is a professor at Rice University and is very respected in his field. We are looking forward to this event. 

New Book on the Resurrection 

I will have a new book available to purchase very soon on Amazon called The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah. I am hoping this resource can be used to educate Christians about the Jewish background of the Resurrection as well as show Jewish people why we find the Resurrection and the Messiahship of Jesus to be inseparable. If you are interested in finding out when the book is available, please check Amazon over the next month, or email me. 

Outreach at Ohio State at Marion Campus

Ohio State also has an extension campus in Marion, Ohio. We now have someone named Shawn Higgins leading that outreach/apologetics chapter there. Please pray for the outreach at Marion to be fruitful. 

Ohio University Event 

In my last letter, I had mentioned how I was going to Ohio University at Athens to do some ministry. We did an outreach and Resurrection presentation. It went well and I appreciated the prayers. I have received some emails with positive feedback. Here is a picture of me speaking on the Resurrection. 

Future Student Leaders 

As I have said in the past, we have the only two apologetics ministries on The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College campuses. Between both of these schools there are nearly 100,000 students. The need for these ministries on both campuses is greater than ever. My goal is to provide some internships for students who have graduated and have also been a part of our ministries on these campuses. I already have some interested students. Please pray that God will direct these students and that His will come to pass. If you want to partner with us on a monthly basis, please go to our online link at

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In His service,

Eric Chabot