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Many of you who receive this newsletter regularly are familiar with our current fundraising drive. In previous letters, we announced that we needed to raise an additional $3,000 per month to enable this ministry to continue. In my last newsletter, we announced that we now need to concentrate on raising $1,000 a month. That amount is no longer correct since we lost a significant donor. We currently need to raise an additional $1,500 per month. We are looking for people who will increase their giving, or 15 people willing to give $100 per month, or 30 people willing to give $50 per month, or 60 people willing to give $25 a month. If you can help meet this need, please call or text me at 210-410-1034 or send an e-mail to michelleb@cjfm.org.

We are so thankful for your involvement with us and hope you will pray with us about these financial goals.


I recently began writing a new monthly ministry update. If you are supporting this ministry with regular monthly offerings, I want to be sure you receive this monthly update by e-mail. Text your cell phone number and e-mail address to 210-410-1034 or e-mail them to michelleb@cjfm.org so I can keep in touch with you every month. Thank you so much for your support!


What a blessed year this has been. We are in revival and have immersed four new Jewish believers. In October, we immersed a new Russian background Jewish believer. In June, another immersion (baptisim) followed. This time a Jewish believer from Israel. (For the sake of anonymity, I am unable to share her name or photo.) And in July, two more Jewish believers were immersed. 

I always precede immersion with teaching. What does it mean for someone Jewish to be baptized?  How does the broader Jewish community view this ceremony? What are the possible negative ramifications when someone Jewish participates in this ritual? What does immersion symbolize? Why is this step required of us? For Jewish people, this is a sensitive issue. 

Before the Israeli believer’s immersion, I arranged to meet her at her house so we could discuss her immersion at length. As it happened, and I don’t believe in coincidences, our meeting took place at the same time that her son was in town for a visit. He was very open to hearing about Yeshua (Jesus). I had the opportunity to direct him to Isaiah 53 and several other Messianic prophecies. He read them for the first time and was amazed by what he was reading. I also shared my journey to faith in Yeshua. After our visit, I sent him a link to an Israeli web site and directed him to view videos on reasons to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. I hope you will join me in prayer for him. How wonderful it would be if the entire family came to faith!

A few weeks later, we gathered at the home of a believing Jewish/Gentile couple. They have been involved with our ministry for many years and have a pool in their backyard. What a blessed time it was to immerse this new Jewish believer in Yeshua.

Two more immersions occurred a month later. This story had its beginning in April of 2018 when two Jewish women were in Phoenix, Arizona. While vacationing there, they attended a Messianic Jewish Passover Seder. They came away from that experience deeply touched. Once back home, they contacted the ministry that hosted the Seder, to see if there were any Messianic congregations in their area. 

They visited a Messianic Jewish congregation for the first time in October of 2018. I met them at the congregation in November. We schmoozed after the Shabbat service and exchanged contact information. We initially met weekly over FaceTime, to study Messianic Prophecy. During one of those sessions, they both prayed to receive Yeshua as their Messiah. We continue to study weekly over FaceTime.

Before a recent trip back to their area, we examined the topic of immersion to prepare them for their own t’vilah (immersion). Upon my return, we gathered at a pool, and the Rabbi conducted the ceremony. What a blessing it was to be there as a witness.


During a recent trip to Los Angeles, I Ied a workshop with the title, “How to Sensitively Share the Good News with Your Jewish Friend” and another workshop at the Annual Conference of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. The title of that workshop was, “How to Plant a Messianic Congregation: Stuff I Learned the Hard Way.” It was delightful to receive positive feedback from those who attended these workshops. 

My daughter, her husband, and son celebrating her birthday following Erev Shabbat services.


I recently started a new teaching series for our women’s meeting on the first Sunday of every month. The series title is, The Heavens Declare the Glory of G-d. Few people recognize that G-d named the constellations before they had pagan names. Nor do people realize that the constellations tell the story of the redemption we have in Yeshua the Messiah. Join us at Lakeview Christian Center on the first Sunday of every month from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. to learn how

G-d declares His glory in the heavens. More details about our Messianic Women’s Fellowship meetings are available at cjfm.org/michelleb.

You can download the flyer and post it on your refrigerator to remind you of our meeting dates.

Perhaps you are interested in one of our presentations? Please tell your small group leader or pastor about our ministry and let them know we are available to come and share. 


Please pray for our upcoming meetings for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) on September 29, and Sukkot (Tabernacles) on October 13. Pray that the L-rd draws the right people to celebrate with us. Please also pray for the funds needed to host these events.


Thank you for being such an integral part of our ministry through your prayers and financial gifts. As you have blessed us, may you also be blessed. Your partnership enables us to continue sharing His love with “the Jewish people first and also the Gentiles.”

As the Lord leads, please use the enclosed envelope to send a supporting gift preferenced for Michelle Beadle. Your contribution entitles you to receive a subscription to our publication, Messianic Perspectives.

In Messiah’s Love,

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