Michelle Beadle Ministry Update

JUNE 2019


Many of you who receive this newsletter regularly are familiar with our current fundraising drive. In previous letters, we announced that we needed to raise an additional $3,000 per month to enable this ministry to continue. I am so grateful for those of you who have already stepped forward to support this ministry! Our prayers have been answered, and we now need to concentrate on raising the last $1,000 a month. We are looking for 40 people who would be willing to increase their giving, or 40 more people who will give a monthly $25 offering to CJFM, or 20 people willing to give $50 per month, or 10 people willing to give $100 per month. Thus far, we have spoken to two new people who have made a commitment to give $25 a month towards the $1,000 goal. That means we only need to raise an additional $950 per month. If there is any chance you can contribute to this need, please call or text me at 210-410-1034 or send an e-mail to michelleb@cjfm.org. 

We are so thankful for your involvement with us and hope you will pray with us about these financial goals.


I recently started sending out a monthly ministry update. If you are supporting this ministry with regular monthly offerings, I want to be sure you receive a monthly update by e-mail. If I do not already have your cell phone number and e-mail address, please text them to me at 210-410-1034, or e-mail them to me at michelleb@cjfm.org so I can keep in touch with you every month. Thank you so much for your support!


Three Members of Our Mardi Gras Outreach Team

This year during our Mardi Gras outreach, we handed out 850 tracts, shared the Good News 15 times, and prayed with one woman to receive Jesus. 

I tried for weeks to connect with the woman I prayed with and finally reached her a couple of months later. The day we finally connected, she just so happened to be with the friend who had been at the parade with her. They had just been talking about me, so she finally returned my call. I mailed her a Bible and discipleship materials and gave her information about two churches in her neighborhood. About a month later, she called me to say she had chosen a local church and was attending it regularly. I am delighted that she chose a vibrant church that preaches the Good News! She is in good hands.


Thank you as well for your prayers for the family who recently experienced the loss of their wife and mother. I was asked to lead her memorial service and can report that the Good News was clearly shared and that many heard it for the first time. 

Our dining room tables partially prepared for our annual Passover Seder. The second table is off to the corner on the right.


On April 17, I shared a Passover presentation at First Baptist Covington’s weekly youth meeting. Before the event, I received a call from a longtime supporter to tell me she was going to bring a Jewish/Gentile couple with two children to the event. I had the opportunity to meet them before the program began. As we talked, the Jewish spouse told me he would be leaving to pick up his son at soccer tryout. I was disappointed that he would miss part of the presentation. He and his son returned, and the son, along with his sister, prayed the sinner’s prayer with me at the end of the service. G-d is good! Please join me in praying for this couple. Pray they will accept an invitation to study Messianic Prophecy.


Thank you for being such an integral part of our ministry through your prayers and financial gifts. As you have blessed us, may you also be blessed. Your partnership enables us to continue sharing His love with “the Jewish people first and also the Gentiles.”

As the Lord leads, please use the enclosed envelope to send a supporting gift preferenced for Michelle Beadle. Your contribution entitles you to receive a subscription to our publication, Messianic Perspectives.

In Messiah’s Love, 

Michelle Beadle


P.O. Box 23054
New Orleans, LA 70183
Phone: (800) 926-5397