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May 2019 

Personal Note

Shalom from Las Vegas! The Hills are praising the Lord that our son Isaak is graduating homeschool high school in June. He is the last of our children to have all grown up! Please pray for the next phase of his life journey with the Lord.

Passover Seder

Every year at Beth Yeshua, we celebrate the Passover with a city-wide Seder; this year 140 people attended. We were so excited to have at least six unsaved Jewish people in the audience as well. All heard the Good News message of Jesus our Passover Lamb and the Unleavened Bread. He gave of His body to be broken, striped and pierced through, and spilled His blood as the holy sacrifice for the sin of the world. Although none of the Jewish people raised their hand at the salvation call, three people did get saved. We praise the Lord for those three souls! Please pray for their new walk with the Lord and the salvation of the Jewish people. 

Is the Gospel Hate Speech?!

As you can see from the picture, “David” is not happy with our evangelism group being on the UNLV Campus! This past semester, he came out of nowhere carrying his sign and started loudly yelling at us and at anyone else who would listen! As you can see from his sign, he thinks we are a cult! Ha! How ironic. While he’s yelling about us being a cult, there were many stations set up within earshot of his tirade including people from Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard), Mother of God cult, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc. On this particular day, he did not seem to have a problem with all of these cults, just us! The other side of his sign read, “Keep Hate off Campus!” Again, how ironic because he was definitely hating on us!!! I wondered if he was going to throw himself off campus as well! After about 20-30 minutes of his hateful barrage of screaming, the police finally showed up. He argued with them and almost got arrested for harassment and lying to the police! I did ask the police to not arrest him and show him some grace, but he didn’t seem to care about that at this point. If you want to see a short video about this adventure, go to our facebook page: @bethyeshualv. Please pray for David’s salvation and our protection as we evangelize in Las Vegas.

Even at the DMV? 

Yes, you can meet Jewish people even at the DMV! I had an appointment to register our car at the DMV and my helper turned out to be a Jewish lady from New York. She told me she was a Jew-bu! That means she is Jewish and a Buddhist. I told her I was Messianic Jewish and shared the Good News of Yeshua as the Messiah with her. We actually had a great conversation about Jesus since her husband was a Catholic. She was even impressed with my daughter Stephanie’s choice of license plates. She chose the “Values Life” plates that have a cute little baby picture. It is a movement in Las Vegas that values life as opposed to having abortions. Please pray for the DMV Jewish lady’s salvation.

The Villanova Wildcats 

One of the colleges Rich attended was Villanova. So every basketball season he coaches Isaak’s team and names them the Villanova Wildcats. Last season, we won the Championship game and knew that the Lord helped us during the whole season! At the trophy ceremony, Rich gave the glory to the Lord in front of a large crowd. Please pray for our witness to the basketball community this season.

Michael, our Holocaust Survivor Friend

Michael, our holocaust survivor friend, was moved to an assisted living facility because his health was declining. On our next visit to Bullhead City, we visited Michael in his new room at the facility. He was grateful to see us and is doing well mentally, but we noticed he was getting weaker physically. We shared the Good News of Jesus once again and were able to talk more about Jesus because Michael had two friends visiting while we were there! These friends were two young ladies who had met Michael at their school when Michael went there to talk about his experiences in the Holocaust. It turns out these two were Christians but not following Jesus very well. So, we were able to encourage them to follow Jesus right in front of Michael. They asked great questions and we answered involving Michael as well. It was a great blessing in disguise! Please pray for Michael’s salvation—he may not have a lot of time left, and pray for the two young ladies’ sanctification process.

Israel in Prophecy, A Chronology

Rich’s latest book, Israel in Prophecy, A Chronology is available for purchase at www.xulonpress.com (Just click on the “bookstore” tab and do a search for the book). The Lord has opened a great opportunity for Rich. Dr. David Reagan has scheduled Rich to join him in early June to tape his TV show, Christ in Prophecy. They will discuss the new book! Praise the Lord! The show airs on Daystar and his website: lamblion.com.  Please tell a friend and spread the news! Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on this show and the book around the world.

Salvation Update

Since our last issue of Rich’s Reporter, 11 people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior through our ministry. In 19 years of ministry in Las Vegas as CJFM missionaries, we have led a total of 1,218 souls (including 65 Jewish people) to the Lord. We praise the Lord for using us to His Glory!

Please Pray for . . . 

  • More churches and individuals to partner with us.
  • God to continue to open more doors for our outreaches: Beth Yeshua, UNLV, the Malls, speaking in churches, referrals and the dance team in convalescent homes.
  • God to open the door for our own place to worship in Summerlin, Nevada.

Thanks from the Hills

You are greatly appreciated! Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue as missionaries to the 80,000 Jewish people living in Las Vegas. We praise God for you, and thank you for your love and commitment.

If our ministry has blessed you, then please consider joining us as consistent financial partners. We need your help! Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you with His promise: “I will bless those who bless you” (Gen. 12:3).

As the Lord leads, please use the enclosed envelope and send all future financial gifts preferenced for Richard and Oanh Hill to:

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In Messiah’s love, 

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