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August 2019   

Personal Note 

Shalom from Las Vegas! As you can see from the first photo, the happy Hill family is praising the Lord for our son Isaak’s graduation from homeschool high school. Isaak gave a wonderful speech at his ceremony praising the Lord. Rich also commended Isaak’s accomplishments and shared the Good News message with the large audience of proud  homeschoolers and families. There were many nonbelievers in the audience! Isaak is currently working and deciding on what to do with the rest of his life. Please pray for the next phase of his life journey with the Lord.


The father of our good friends, Clayton and Cheryl, passed away and Rich was asked to perform the funeral. It is always a privilege and a pleasure to help a believer and a veteran! Although it was a scorcher outside, about 110 degrees, the funeral was a great blessing. Rich shared the Gospel with the small audience, and they laid Clifford’s body to rest. The Air Force folded Clifford’s flag and played “taps.” Rich even was able to share Jesus further with a family member after the service. Please pray for the family in their grieving process. Pray also for peace between members of the family.  


It is such a blessing to be able to share Jewish Roots messages in churches! We travel around the southwest of our United States to the churches and share about our ministry to Jewish lost souls. Rich teaches many types of Jewish roots teachings like the Passover, Israel in Prophecy, and Israel Today. But the extra special blessing is in incorporating the Gospel message about Jesus in these messages and giving a salvation call. Many of these people are hearing these messages for the first time, and the Holy Spirit is greatly convicting them to be saved! Since our last Rich’s Reporter, we’ve had 14 people in the churches respond to Jesus and get saved through Jewish roots teaching! We are praising the Lord for His connection between salvation and the Jewish roots! Please pray for these folks and their sanctification process.  

Shopping for Souls 

Speaking of sharing the Gospel, our ministry to the Jewish Israelis in the malls this summer has been greatly blessed! Our group has already shared the Good News with about 30 Jewish Israelis this summer so far. We’ve given out many “I Love Israel” T-shirts and a few Hebrew New Testaments! The only thing that has not happened this summer is a Jewish person receiving Yeshua (that we know of). Please pray for these folks to place their trust in Jesus! We have had a great reception from the Israelis as you can see in the very colorful photo (on the back). The girl on the left is a Jewish Israeli, and the girl on the right is her Gentile co-worker. They both loved the T-shirts! This T-shirt ministry really opens the doors for us to share the Good News. “Daniel,” an orthodox Jewish kiosk manager whom we have seen around the malls before, asked Pastor Cooper for a T-shirt. At the end of our walk through the mall, we doubled back to see Daniel. He spent about a half-hour discussing Yeshua’s divinity with us! Then two of his kiosk workers wanted T-shirts too, and we shared Jesus with them as well! You just never know how the Lord is working on people’s hearts. Daniel told us he’s seen us for the last 13 years sharing in the malls! Please pray for the salvation for all the Jewish people we’ve shared Yeshua with this summer! 

Christ in Prophecy

Rich went to Dallas in June to be on Dr. David Reagan’s TV show, Christ in Prophecy. It’s a half-hour show on Daystar and other cable networks. This episode is devoted to Rich’s newest book, Israel in Prophecy, A Chronology (available at bethyeshualv.org). The picture shows Dr. Dave, Rich, and Nathan Jones (co-host). We had a great show and time of fellowship. The show is set to air sometime in November. More information will come later. Please pray that the show will bless many viewers and encourage them to buy Rich’s book. 

Israel and Japan Tour

Recently, Pastor Jason King of Calvary Chapel invited us to Israel. We said we’d love to go, but we just needed the funds. “Well, how about praying about it?” We did, and soon after, the Lord had provided the funds. Praise the Lord! We are so excited about this opportunity; it’s been 24 years since our first and only visit to Israel. Pray for God’s blessing on our September trip and for  us to possibly lead tours to Israel in the future! 

Pastor Nakagawa of Japan loves Rich’s new book and invited him to preach on it at three conferences in Japan in November! We will be there for almost two weeks. Please pray for many salvations, many participants, and for God to pour out His blessings! 

Salvation Update 

Since our last issue of Rich’s Reporter, 14 people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior through our ministry. In 19 years of ministry in Las Vegas as CJFM missionaries, we have led a total of 1,232 souls (including 65 Jewish people) to the Lord. We praise the Lord for using us to His glory! 

Please Pray for . . . 

  • More churches and individuals to partner with us;
  • God to continue to open more doors for our outreaches: Beth Yeshua, UNLV, the malls, speaking in churches, referrals, and the dance team in convalescent homes;
  • God to open the door for our own place to worship in Summerlin, Nevada. 

Thanks from the Hills 

You are greatly appreciated! Without your prayers and financial support, we would be unable to continue as missionaries to the 80,000 Jewish people living in Las Vegas. We praise God for you and thank you for your love and commitment. 

If our ministry has blessed you, then please consider joining us as consistent financial partners. We need your help! Thank you, and may the Lord continue to bless you with His promise: “I will bless those who bless you” (Gen. 12:3). 

As the Lord leads, please use the enclosed envelope and send all future financial gifts preferenced for Richard and Oanh Hill to: 

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In Messiah’s love, 

Rich and Oahn

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