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December 2019 

Shalom Friends!

Like you, we are getting ready for the end of the year craziness. This has, as usual, been a busy time for me. Let me share a few short stories.


One morning I opened my email to receive this from a believer in India:

"As in the East and in India, Storytelling is our legacy to impart knowledge and wisdom. Unfortunately, we were taught in our seminaries, the western methods to communicate the biblical truth in preaching. These methods create a distance between a preacher and listener, also cannot reach the intersectionality of the congregation. I am suggesting rethinking storytelling in preaching in my research. It deals with the issues of resistance and intersectionality. I have heard some of the biblical story tellers on youtube but I am fascinated by your way to make the story very contemporary. As a teacher of Homiletics, I want to develop a Story Telling training module for the preachers in India. May I seek your guidance in this regard?"

It was encouraging to receive an email like this! We did send several emails back and forth and hope to one day meet face to face.

A few weeks ago I was Ubering (is this a verb?) to the airport when the driver, as they usually do, asked me what I did for a living. I told him I was a Bible teacher. He responded with, "I have a nine-year-old grandson who asked me a question I couldn’t answer. Maybe you can help?" I have learned over the years it’s always best to say, "Possibly." So here’s the question, which was actually three questions: "Why are there so many gods? Why does every culture seem to have its own god? Why are there so many holy books?" I told him the simple answer is sin. Each culture likes to make their god in their own image rather than accept the true God. The same was true of the holy books. Rather than accept the authority of God’s word, people like to come up with their own. I told him how the Bible is unique in many ways, one of the most important is prophecy. I suggested looking at the prophecies pointing to the Messiah in the book of Daniel, for example. He was excited and said he would share this with his grandson the next time he saw him.


Sharon and I were able to attend the MLR (Messianic Leaders Roundtable) cruise in November. We touched base with many ministry leaders and close friends. It was a refreshing time of rest.

Our table, l to r:
Jim and Karen Melnik, Sharon and I, Irving and Susan Salzman, and Dan and Cynthia Strull.

In October, I attended the "Communicating Truth 2019: Shepherds 360 Church Leaders Conference" in Cary, North Carolina. I taught a workshop about Jesus and Storytelling. The class was well attended despite being scheduled at the same time as Erwin Lutzer!


This October marked the first graduate of our Leading Others program. We celebrated Kyle Garbely’s graduation in New Jersey at Beth Messiah congregation. Kyle will now be going into full-time ministry.

Speaking of Leading Others, our first intern will be returning to Israel to also enter into full-time ministry. More details about this to come in my next letter.

On a personal note, my grandson Elijah had asked to be baptized, and I was privileged not only to be in town but to attend. Here is his picture after his immersion. Elijah was baptized by his dad.

If you are not aware, CJF Ministries will be having a tour to Israel this coming June. The dates are June 13-21, 2020. Here is a link with more details. You can email or call me for more information.



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