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June 2019 

Shalom, Shalom!

Since my last letter, I’ve had a few short trips. Sometimes the short trips are more tiring than the long ones. Each trip has been rewarding, and I believe some real ministry has been accomplished. Thanks to you and your prayers our ministry is moving ahead. 


In the last few months, I’ve been able to visit all our Leading Others staff. As you know, Leading Others is our mentorship program for the next generation of Messianic Leaders. I’m happy to report all three of our LO staff are doing well.

First, I spent a little time with Kyle in New Jersey. Kyle was the first candidate and, believe it or not, he will be completing the program this coming September. On a personal note, Kyle did marry his sweetheart, Lindsey, in May. Also, while I was visiting Kyle, I attended a leadership luncheon at The Crossing Church in Livingston, New Jersey. I was the speaker and spoke about storytelling and the Bible. It was great fun, and I had the opportunity to meet some of the local pastors. 

At the beginning of June, I visited Dan in Dallas. Dan graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in May. He will be returning to Israel later this year. He is the second of our LO staff to come on board and the first Israeli. 

While in Dallas I attended the Fireside Chat, a forum for leaders of Messianic congregations and Jewish Missions. The Fireside Chat has been going on for several years and has been very helpful in nurturing healthy relationships with the various leaders. 

Lastly, I spent a day with Randy, the third member of LO and the second Israeli. We were able to discuss many issues, including some of the ministry he will be doing in Israel. Randy plans on returning to Israel next year to continue his ministry in the Land. 

In May, Sharon and I visited Ocean View in San Pedro, California. I spoke on a passage from Joshua for their Missions Sunday. It’s always fun to return to our home-away-from-home church. 


A few weeks ago, I heard the doorbell ring. Usually, in my neighborhood, that means a salesman, a Jehovah’s Witness, or a Mormon. I always answer, and this time, it was two young men from AT&T. They wanted to extol the virtues of AT&T and the reasons why I should be a customer. Before I answered the door, I heard one of the guys (turns out his name was Anderson) comment on the mezuzah I had on my door. Once while in Israel, I purchased the mezuzah to put on my door. It has been a great conversation starter with the various religious people who go door to door in our neighborhood. 

When Anderson saw the mezuzah, he said to his friend, “Wow! This guy is Jewish like me!” When I opened the door, he asked me about it right away. I told him I’m not Jewish, but I have studied Judaism and the Jewish Bible for the last thirty years. He said he had a lot of questions for me and then started to tell me why I should subscribe to AT&T. I said, “I’ll make a deal with you. Why don’t we get together and you can tell me about AT&T, and I can tell you about the Messiah?” He told me he didn’t have time that day because he had to travel to Washington, but he would call me when he got back. I have a feeling he won’t, but you never know. He did; however, as a good millennial, put my number in his phone.  


Once again, I want you to know how grateful we are for your gifts to our work. I sometimes try to search for new ways to say thanks, so you will know our thanks is sincere. The truth is no matter how we express our thanks, it never seems enough. Thank you for partnering with us to reach the Jewish people. 

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Thanks in Messiah,

Rob and Sharon Styler 


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