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You're stressed. Play tetrus? Twitter. New on cjfm.org

Researchers in the UK say that playing Tetrus can help reduce the effects of traumatic stress. I have to agree. Except I'd like to add another game to the list—Brick Breaker. I'm one of the few people who hasn't purchased an iPhone yet, so those of you with a Blackberry know what I'm talking about. Just got in an accident and you're waiting on the police to arrive? Play Brick Breaker. Many of you are on Twitter. I just signed up myself. I lead a group of creative people and I find this ingenious piece of software brilliant. I don't even need a time clock to know what people are doing! Well, not so fast. Looks like 33 people had their Twitter accounts hacked. Who was among those 33? Well, US President-elect Barack Obama and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez. I just posted a new ministry update from Rob Styler. Also, be sure to check out the cjfm.org website tomorrow evening. We plan on posting special interview with Ruth Nessim from Israel.

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