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Four Seas, Live the Land, Upcoming Paper

Four Seas Tour

Time is running out for you to sign up for our Four Seas Tour to Israel! The tour runs March 8-20 and is led by our Director of International Ministries, and native Israeli, Gideon Levytam. You can find out more information on our website. https://www.cjfm.org/4seas

Live the Land Tour

If you're a college student or young professional, we have a tour designed specifically for you. Our Live the Land tour gives the “college and career” crowd a fresh and unique perspective of the Land of Israel, the Bible, God’s promises to His people, and the Jewish roots of our faith. Through pilgrimage, you’ll connect with the Land and the people. Bible study, history, discussions, touring, and activities will create an atmosphere of growth, fellowship, and learning that will give you a deeper understanding of God’s Word and His plans for you as a follower of Jesus. You’ve studied the Scriptures-now live them. Visit the Live the Land website for more information.

Messianic Perspectives

Our editors, designers, and writers are currently putting the finishing touches on our next issue of Messianic Perspectives—our bimonthly paper. This is an issue you won't want to miss! Dr. Hedrick tackles "The Seven Sayings of the Wicked: The Strategic Value of Understanding Your Enemy." If you're not a subscriber, sign up today! Messianic Perspectives Subscription

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