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CJFM Feb Newsletter, Rep Updates, and more!

I've posted the February 2009 newsletter on the cjfm.org site. This issue is packed with information about what we're doing around the world. Georgia did a nice feature on Rabbi Joseph and also updates us on what's going with our ministry work in Israel (Ruth Nessim & Yossi Ovadia) and in Argentina (Marcos Morales & Guillermo Sedaca). I also posted a couple ministry updates from our workers in the United States (Peter Parkas & Richard Toviah). Richard Hill, CJFM representative in Las Vegas, has a special update on his upcoming Passover Seder taking place April 10 at Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation in the Las Vegas area. Read his letter for more information. Keep an eye out in early March for our March/April issue of the Messianic Perspectives paper. We're going to try and post all the Passover Seders our workers will be planning this year. If you don't receive the paper, you can order a subscription online!

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