Maranatha 25th Anniversary Four Seas Tour of the Land of Israel- Day 6

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Today we concluded our journey through Jordan.We didn't leave our hotel until noon to give everyone a chance to float in the Dead Sea. Here are some shots of the hotel and the swimming area. ----- DSC 0001 ----- DSC 0006 ----- First stop of the day- Bethany Beyond the Jordan. The baptism site on the Jordan river. ----- DSC 0030 ----- DSC 0033 ----- DSC 0034 ----- DSC 0041 ----- DSC 0048 ----- DSC 0055 ----- DSC 0059 ----- DSC 0067 ----- DSC 0072 ----- DSC 0093 ----- DSC 0136 ----- DSC 0142 ----- As you can see from the above photos, we had a very special baptism ceremony. There was quite a crowd-on both sides of the river. I'll let Pastor Draper and the good folks from Maranatha share that when we return. After lunch on the bus we continued our journey north along the east bank of the Jordan RIver and made a quick stop at the ancient city of Pella before crossing the border back in to Israel and the first of two nights in Tiberius. ----- DSC 0168 ----- DSC 0171 ----- DSC 0186 ----- DSC 0191 ----- DSC 0193 ----- DSC 0202 ----- DSC 0211 ----- DSC 0213 ----- Tomorrow we'll tour the Sea of Galilee area. Stay tuned...


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