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The Heavy Lifting

It's still difficult for me to wrap my mind around what I heard. Atlas Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Galatians 6:1. Several years ago, a visitor at church told me, "When it comes to my place in the Body, I am the eye.  I can see what's wrong in any church in just one visit." A year or so later, another visitor said, "I am the index finger in the Body.  My job is to point out errors." I didn't believe either one of them.  Personally, I don't believe that "fault finding" is a spiritual gift. As we launch out into a new week, you and I will encounter problems and problem makers.  It would be easy to just point out those individuals and their mishaps. The real "people work" is all about restoration. Everyone messes up and anyone can by a bystander watching. The heavy lifting, the meaningful work, is doing the dirty work of cleaning up a mess and restoring messy people. A great week will take more than a critical eye and a pointing finger.  It will take the whole you and a whole lot of love. Let's be like Yeshua the Carpenter this week.  Let's do the heavy lifting. Photo courtesy of Maritime Haftek.  

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