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Challenging Choices

Which decisions are the most difficult for you to make?  Is it the big ones or the small ones? Happy Friday! Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Jeremiah 8:3. Some say that the most difficult decisions are the small ones.  I disagree.  I think that small decisions are usually easier to make.  Also, with small decisions, they are usually reversible. In big decisions, a lot more is at stake. Deciding on where you will go on a date is a lot less serious than deciding who you are going to marry. In our scripture, a big decision is being faced: life or death.  Sadly, death is chosen. Today you will face numerous big decisions. Choose hope over despair. Choose love over hate. Choose belief over doubt. Choose positive over negative. Choose being others-focused over being selfish. Choose life over death. Photo courtesy of regan76.

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