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Test All Things

You have to really appreciate the Queen of Sheba. Big Meadows - discovery walk (found a caterpillar) Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is 2 Chronicles 9:1. The Queen of Sheba heard a lot of things about King Solomon.  There were some quite amazing stories being spread about him.  She went to see if they were true. The Bible encourages us to "test all things" (1 Thessalonians 5:21.) When I was in Bible College, one professor constantly repeated, "Facts are stubborn."  Guess what?  They are. If it's true, it will hold up to the most intense scrutiny. You can't do anything against the truth.  No matter anyone does, you just can't hurt the truth. Let's follow this example set forth by the Queen of Sheba.  Before we get too caught up in the awe and wonder of something, let's do our homework  and prove it. Before "liking" something you see on Facebook, see if it's true.  Before sharing an email, do a fact check.  Your truth seeking friends will appreciate this. Photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks.  

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