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A Little While

You may need to hear this. Sand castle Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is 1 Peter 1:6. Simon Peter reminds us that our trials are only for "a little while." I have a very interesting problem with my car.  Occasionally, it will not start. My mechanic has looked at it and believes that the problem is the ignition, the computer, both, or something in between.  Just when he is about to find the problem, the car starts. My mechanic tells me that I can start replacing parts until the problem is resolved. The least expensive part is $300.  He also gave me a Plan B.  He told me that when the car doesn't start, just wait ten minutes.  So far, the "wait ten minutes" plan has worked. In life, many of our problems are like my car's problem: temporal. I tend to panic when a problem surfaces.  Do you? Simon Peter is encouraging us to not panic, but rather exercise patience. Whatever you are going through is only for "a little while." What you are worried about, may all be resolved "in a little while." Be encouraged. We can all wait ten minutes, can't we? Photo courtesy of readerwalker.  

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