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Many Waters

Have you experienced true love? Chain O Lakes 253 Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Song of Solomon 8:7. I am one of those kind of husbands that believe housework should be shared by both spouses.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc., are not solely the woman's responsibility. That being said, the past seven days, I haven't felt well.  As a result, I haven't washed a dish.  I haven't laundered any clothes.  I have not made the bed.  I have brought bedding into the living room, to the sofa, and left it there. I haven't made any of our meals.  (I have been through the drive-thru a couple of times, though!)  The list of what I have not done the last seven days, as a husband, is endless. But... my wife's love for me has not changed. True love is not performance based. True love flows from the giver. "Nothing separates us from the love of God" (Romans 8:38-39). As we begin a new work week, let's commit to be people of true love, like Yeshua.  Let's have a love that burns intensely regardless of what waters are thrown upon it. Many waters cannot quench love.  Even Mondays cannot put out the flames of a love fueled by God. Photo courtesy of Michael Kappel.  

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