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Stay or Go

You might have every reason to leave. Eagle Watching on the River Road Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Psalm 11:1-2. As the Psalmist found himself in a very difficult situation, those around him pointed out all the reasons why he should want to take flight.  In fact, they encouraged him to "fly away." You may be in a similar situation.  You may be seeing all the reasons to "hit the road."  You may have people close to you encouraging you that it would be for your betterment to leave. But.... Your trusting relationship with God is telling you something else.  He is telling you to keep your feet on the ground. And... You, just like the Psalmist, know that this is just a test. (See Psalm 11:5.) Most tests are not fun and most of them are not easy.  However, they are necessary.  Without testing, you cannot be taken to the next level. Sometimes the test is all about seeing if we have what it takes to stay.  Other times, the test is about seeing if we are just being stubborn and will not move. Deep down inside each of us, we know what kind of test it is. Just because the eagle has wings doesn't mean that it's always time to fly. Photo courtesy of Brad Tutterow.

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