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Blessing or Burden

Is thinking before speaking becoming a lost art? Car Lot, State Hwy. 561, Louisburg, NC Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Proverbs 10:22. A lady told me, "Pastor, the Lord blessed me with a new car!" I was happy for her and excited that she finally had some dependable transportation.  But then I made a mistake. I asked, "How does it feel to have a new car and no payments?" She answered, "Oh I have payments." I should have kept quiet, but further asked, "Didn't you say that God blessed you with a new car?" Maybe I see things differently.  I believe that blessings are blessings, period.  No strings attached.  No fine print. Wise King Solomon teaches us that God's blessings are sorrow-free.  To me,  60 or 72 monthly car payments are sorrow producers. When God truly blesses you with a new car, He will not bless you with a payment book. Look for God's real blessings today. Also, encourage those around you to think before speaking. Photo courtesy of DPImage Capturing.  

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