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Hill or Mountain

There is something you need to know about what you are going through. Barn Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Psalm 70:4. You are probably going through a big situation today in your life.  It may be sickness, debt, job loss, a family problem, or something else. God is bigger than what you are going through. If you compare your problem, however big it is, to God, God is bigger, a lot bigger.  God is magnified. God is bigger than cancer. God is bigger than bankruptcy. God is bigger than divorce. God is bigger than addiction. Does God's magnitude mean that our problems are going away today? I don't know the answer to that question. But I do know that God is bigger, a lot bigger, than my understanding. I also know that the best course of action in life is to look at our problems through the lens of a magnified God. Will you magnify the Lord with me today? Can we exalt His name together? As we do, we will see our mountain-sized problems become little hills. Photo courtesy of Robert Levy.

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