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Be Ready in the Morning

Are you a morning person? sunrise Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Exodus 34:1-2. As we begin a new work week, let's consider that there is something that some people dislike more than Mondays: early mornings. As Moses was being instructed on what he needed to do to get a second copy of the Ten Commandments, God told him, "Be ready in the morning." God did not say, "Get up in the morning." Many people are "up" in the morning, but not "ready." These are the folks who come dragging in ten minutes late and their first stop is at the coffee pot. Most people think I am a morning person.  I'm not.  I just believe in being ready for whenever my work shift begins. Being ready in the morning, or whenever, begins long before the morning.  Being ready means getting the appropriate amount of sleep so that you can give 100% when your shift begins. Yeshua rose early in the morning.  He was always ready.  Let's follow His example. Photo courtesy of Paul van de Velde.

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