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Finishing Well

Do you finish what you start? Half Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Numbers 7:1-3. "Moses... finished setting up the tabernacle..." It might just be a personal pet peeve, but it bothers me when things are not finished. Have you ever picked up your lunch from a fast food drive through and not received all of your order? Have you ever been grocery shopping and upon putting your groceries away you discover that some of your items were not placed in your bags? Have you ever had a mechanic not completely tighten something? Many people do not finish what they start. Thankfully, Yeshua is not one of them.  He is the "Author and Finisher" of our faith.  (Hebrews 12:1-2.) What Yeshua starts, He finishes. Paul encourages us by telling us that the good works that Yeshua begins in us, He will complete. (See Philippians 1:5-6.) Three cheers for Moses!  He started the Tabernacle project and he completely finished setting it up. May you and I be found to be finishers today. Photo courtesy of Daniele Marlenek.    

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