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Unlimited Care

What are you worried about today? 'Reminder', United States, Alaska, Naknek, Bering Sea, Bristol Bay Today's pastoral care devotional scripture is Luke 5:1-11. Sometimes people compartmentalize God's compassion.  Some believe God cares about "this" but not "that."  Some believe God cares about the "sacred" but not the "secular." In our text, Yeshua cares about the crowd and He cares about Simon. Yeshua cares about preaching and He cares about fishing. Yeshua cares about spiritual needs and He cares about physical needs. No area of life is outside the care of Yeshua. "Cast all your care (anxieties, worries, concerns, stress-inducers, etc.) upon Him because He cares for you."  (See 1 Peter 5:7.) Let's cast all our worries into the net of Yeshua.  Haven't we kept them long enough? Photo courtesy of Chris Ford.

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