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Israel Through Israeli Eyes Tour 2015- Day 05

Today we toured the Golan Hts. north of the Sea of Galilee.First stop- Tel Hazor. The ruins of an ancient city. ----- DSC 0003 ----- DSC 0005 ----- DSC 0008 ----- DSC 0013 ----- DSC 0014 ----- DSC 0017 ----- DSC 0021 An olive press. More about olives in a bit! ----- DSC 0022 ----- DSC 0029 ----- Next stop- Banias (Caesarea Phillipi). The headwaters of the Jordan River. ----- DSC 0034 ----- DSC 0040 ----- DSC 0042 ----- DSC 0052 ----- DSC 0053 From left- Rosemond and Robert Weissman listen to Pastor Rander Draper. ----- After lunch we tried to visit Mt. Mental but the rain and fog made it essential that we change plans so we visited the olive products factory at Kibbutz En Gev- Olea Essence. ----- DSC 0067 ----- DSC 0071 ----- Tomorrow we'll leave Tiberius and make our way to Jerusalem via the coast and Tel Aviv. Stay tuned...

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