Jewish History

Eretz Israel Forever—This website is a research of the history of the Hebrew underground movements of Eretz Israel from the beginnings of reestablishment in the 1880s until independence in 1948.

The Eretz Israel Museum—A multidisciplinary museum that depicts the history and culture of Eretz Israel through extensive permanent exhibit and temporary exhibits on diverse subjects.

Central Bureau of Statistics (Israeli) — Israeli statistical information on population, economics, education, agriculture, etc.

The Embassy of Israel (Washington, D.C.) — Includes information on available videos about Israel, available speakers, links to more Israeli information.

IRIS (Information Regarding Israel's Security) — Information about the security problems Israel faces. Includes "in-their-own-words" quotes from anti-Israeli sources; tries "to focus on items not likely to be carried by your local newspaper."

Window on the Wailing Wall — A video camera trained on the Wailing Wall continually updates so you can see what is happening there right now.


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