Ahavat Torat Israel—Learning Torah is the most important Jewish mitzvah, because you need to study Torah to learn how to do the other mitzvot.

American Jewish Historical Society — Promotes Jewish culture by providing interesting and little known information about the "Jewish connection" in American history, offering genealogical service, links to other Jewish organizations and societies.

Center for Jewish History — Promotes the contributions to the cultural and historical legacy of the Jewish people by The American Jewish Historical Society, the Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Jewish Video and Film — Audio and Video tapes on many Jewish subjects.

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs — News and information about Israel, includes a Spanish version.

Maven - The Ultimate Jewish/Israel index — Thousands of Jewish links.

Orthodox Union — Learn the Torah, Jewish holiday information, kosher information, lists of synagogues and rabbis, links to other Jewish sites.

Project Genesis Passover — Information about learning the Torah, candle lighting times for Shabbat, holiday information, and more. — Provides over 600 hours of Jewish audio and video lessons.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum — Describes and shows features of this museum located in Washington, D.C.

Virtual Jerusalem — All kinds of information abut Jewish life, holidays, food, health issues, the latest news, chat rooms, and more.


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