Ariel Ministries — The ministry of Arnold Fruchtenbaum; news, sermons, Q&A, books, and tapes.

Chosen People Ministries — Books, tapes, and videos, on prophecy, the Temple, witnessing to Jewish people, missionary information.

Israel College of the Bible - Netanya, Israel

Jews for Jesus — Testimonies, music, book reviews, commentary, questions and answers, news.

Life in Messiah Ministries

Messianic Testimony — Our sister ministry in the United Kingdom (London) is one of the oldest Messianic (Hebrew-Christian) ministries in the world. CJFM in the USA and MT in the UK have jointly sponsored outreach and discipleship efforts in Israel over the years.


Association of Messianic Congregations

Beth Yeshua — A Messianic congregation associated with CJFM Las Vegas representative Richard Hill.

Congregation Beth Simcha - San Antonio, Texas

Congregation Yeshuat Tsion — Website of this Denver messianic congregation.

Ottawa Messianic Fellowship — The site for this fellowship features the current Torah readings and a list of links.

The Way Congregation (Kehila HaDerech) - CJFM-USA’s affiliated congregation in the Galilee.

Tikvah Ba Midbar — A Messianic fellowship associated with CJFM Phoenix representative Vi Berger.



Caspari Center — Supporting emerging leaders who will transform Israel by developing and leading mature, confident and visionary Messianic communities.

Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism


Heart of Wisdom Publishing — Homeschooling books, curriculum, and other helps from a messianic viewpoint, including the meaning of Jewish holidays, and other information.

Jewish Jewels — Messianic books, tapes, videos, music, tours, recipes, TV schedule.

Messianic Jewish Publishers and Resources - A full-fledged Messianic Jewish publishing house, producing Messianic books and helping authors get their books in print.