Ariel Ministries — The ministry of Arnold Fruchtenbaum; news, sermons, Q&A, books, and tapes.

Chosen People Ministries — Books, tapes, and videos, on prophecy, the Temple, witnessing to Jewish people, missionary information.

Jews for Jesus — Testimonies, music, book reviews, commentary, questions and answers, news.

Messianic Testimony — Our sister ministry in the United Kingdom is one of the oldest messianic (Hebrew-Christian) ministries in the world. CJFM in the US and MT in the UK jointly sponsor evangelistic work in Israel.


Association of Messianic Congregations

Congregation Yeshuat Tsio — Website of this Denver messianic congregation.

Ottawa Messianic Fellowship — The site for this fellowship features the current Torah readings and a list of links.

Tikvah Ba Midbar — A Messianic fellowship associated with CJFM Director of Missions Emeritus Barry Berger.

Beth Yeshua — A Messianic congregation associated with CJFM Las Vegas representative Richard Hill.


Caspari Center — Supporting emerging leaders who will transform Israel by developing and leading mature, confident and visionary Messianic communities.

Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism


Heart of Wisdom Publishing — Homeschooling books, curriculum, and other helps from a messianic viewpoint, including the meaning of Jewish holidays, and other information.

Jewish Jewels — Messianic books, tapes, videos, music, tours, recipes, TV schedule.

Messianic Jewish Publishers and Resources - A full-fledged Messianic Jewish publishing house, producing Messianic books and helping authors get their books in print.

Messianic Jewish Online — A variety of articles, teachings, Bible studies, opinion pieces, and resources from writers of different backgrounds and opinions.