Messianic Perspectives

Predestination vs. Free Will: Calvin's Greatest Controversy
by Dr. Gary Hedrick

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2020 Weekly Apologetics Zoom Meeting Archive

Hosted by Eric Chabot

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2022 Israel Tour

Experience Israel from a Messianic Perspective as you visit Jerusalem, Masada, the Valley of Megiddo, Galilee, and many other sites.

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Messianic Perspectives Broadcast

The Shepherd's Song

Do you think you have learned everything there is to know about Psalm 23? You might be surprised!

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From the Blog

Jewish scholar Michael S. Kogan on the uniqueness of Jesus’s messianic movement

By Eric Chabot, CJFM Midwest Representative  

Michael S. Kogan is a Jewish scholar who does not think Jesus is the Messiah. However, in his book “Opening the Covenant: A Jewish Theology of Christianity, he says the following:

“If we view the Nazarene sect—later, Christianity—as one of the Judaisms of the first century (and how ...

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