Shavu'ot—Festival of Weeks

May 16-18, 2021 | 6-7 Sivan 5780

Shavu’ot is known as the festival of first fruits, when the harvest’s first fruits were taken to the Temple, and also Pentecost because it always occurs 50 days after Passover.

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Messianic Perspectives

Are Some People Predestined to Hell? Calvin’s “Dreadful” Doctrine
by Dr. Gary Hedrick

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2020 Weekly Apologetics Zoom Meeting Archive

Hosted by Eric Chabot

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2022 Israel Tour

Experience Israel from a Messianic Perspective as you visit Jerusalem, Masada, the Valley of Megiddo, Galilee, and many other sites.

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Messianic Perspectives Broadcast

The Shepherd's Song

Do you think you have learned everything there is to know about Psalm 23? You might be surprised!

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