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Sharia Courts

Coming soon to a court near you ... A sharia judge in the UK evidently thinks sharia (Muslim) law should trump local, civil law. We have at least one sharia court here in Texas. Its purpose is to adjudicate disputes between Muslims – similar to Jewish courts that mediate disputes between Jewish people according to established Jewish law. These religious courts have no civil authority. But here we have an instance where a sharia judge in England is suggesting that Islamic law (which allows Muslim men to have multiple wives) should have precedence over civil law (which doesn't allow polygamy). This could indicate that it's only a matter of time before religious sharia courts here in the USA clash with civil authority. Furthermore, we have a president who says that civil authority should not be able to tell a person who he can love. So what if he loves five different women? What then? http://www.clarionproject.org/news/uk-female-sharia-judge-muslims-have-right-polygamy

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