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CJFM missionary Robert Weissman's daily work involves extensively handing out leaflets, and witnessing door-to-door in neighborhood areas around London. He works mainly in northeast London and one day a week he visits in Golders Green with a friend from a church in that area. "We have found Jewish people in these areas to be very divided—some quite friendly, others cold."

As Hebrew Christian, Weissman feels he can speak with authority to other Jews about the Messiah. But, like any street evangelist, he has to deal with rejection.

"You must have a mental problem," is a typical opening criticism. However, when Weissman shows Jewish people what the Bible says about Jesus being the Messiah, they sometimes become more open. If a contact is open for follow-up, he will keep in touch with them.

Jewish festivals such as Chanukah and Passover bring increased opportunities for teaching in the churches. Weissman preaches and teaches throughout the year at churches mainly in London and the southeast, which many deeply appreciate.

Weissman is not thin-skinned; but he is quite concerned about the increasingly negative attacks against Jewish missions that have been covered in British newspapers and television. He believes that the honor of the evangelists has been harmed, and—if the issue is not corrected— laws will be passed to prevent the preaching of the Gospel to Jews.

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