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From London’s East End to the Lebanese border

Ruth Nessim was born three years before the outbreak of World War 2, and was the eldest of 5 children born to Hannah Levy and Martin. Martin—who was not Jewish—was rarely around, and after deserting his wife and family for long periods of time, finally disappeared, leaving his family to rebuild their shattered lives.

As the war raged, and London was heavily bombed, Ruth was evacuated with her younger sister to the countryside. Hannah’s last warning to Ruth, as the train bore them away and the Germans 21 miles from Dover, tell nobody that they were Jewish! Thus it was that the two sisters were sent to school and Sunday school, where they learned Christian songs, and heard about Jesus who had come from heaven. Missing her mother greatly, Ruth prayed to Jesus for comfort.

At the end of the war, all of the family returned to the bombed out East End of London, where they lived in miserable circumstances and acute poverty. In the Jewish Section of her school, Ruth began to learn Hebrew letters, but could not mock Jesus when the other children did. Instead, she crept secretly into a local church, and loved the stories and hymns. The love of Jesus was in sharp contrast to the violence in her home.

Ruth’s grandmother warned her that if she ever became a Christian, she would never enter their home again. But Jesus would not leave Ruth, and she continued to seek an answer to life’s sorrows.

At almost 14 years old—it happened. Ruth was born again into the Kingdom of God, and has been following Yeshua, Jesus, ever since. Shortly after that, mature believers began to show her the messianic promises in the Tenach, and how all these were fulfilled in Yeshua. At the same time, she felt very deeply that she wanted to immigrate to Israel (Aliya), and prayed for a Jewish husband. She later met Albert Nessim, an Iraqi Jew who was born in Japan, and who shared her faith and desire to live in Israel. They fell in love, were married, and from this time on they served the Lord together—desiring to bring the message of Yeshua and His Salvation to the Jewish people.

About 6 years after their marriage, they arrived in Israel with their three eldest children, and continued to serve the Jewish people while they bared witness to the Messiahship of Yeshua. From 1991, they worked with Christian Jew Foundation Ministries, and established a small but lively congregation of believers, as well as reaching out to the poor of the Land, and those who are seeking. Albert went to be with the Lord in January 2007, and Ruth endeavors to carry on with the fellowship and the other work. To God be the glory.