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Violette’s religious upbringing was in the Greek Orthodox tradition. In addition to attending a public elementary school, she also attended “Greek School,” taking language and religion classes.

Violette graduated from the University of Illinois with a BA in English. She has worked as an editor, copywriter, human resource director, and teacher. When Violette met her husband, Barry Berger (a Jewish believer in Jesus the Messiah), he shared the Gospel message with her and introduced her to his pastor’s wife, who invited Violette to attend her Bible study. Violette was challenged by the Word, and in March 1977, she prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

God called Barry and Violette into full-time Jewish ministry, and they served together for 38 years. Barry is now home with the Lord, but Violette continues their Jewish ministry. In addition to her position as a staff writer for CJF Ministries, Violette coordinates the Messianic fellowship, Tikvah BaMidbar (Hope in the Desert), that she and Barry started in Phoenix, Arizona. It serves as an outreach from the local church into the Jewish community (and also among Gentiles) by teaching and sharing the Jewish roots of Christianity, the feasts of Israel, and Israel in prophecy. Violette receives requests to witness, counsel, and speak in different venues. She also teaches women’s Bible studies and discipleship classes.

Violette’s mission is to impart her love for “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” to her Gentile brethren, and to encourage them to share her burden and vision for reaching them with the Gospel.