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Hidden in My Heart

If you want your congregants to be motivated to memorize Scripture, this is the message for you! Here Diann shares her personal journey, how she began memorizing Bible verses and later progressed to larger portions. A dynamic illustration is given which makes clear the importance of this spiritual discipline. Common obstacles to the process are dispelled and instruction is given on techniques and strategies to make Bible memorization a regular part of spiritual life. Most importantly, Diann shares transparently about how God used Scripture memorization to bring deep inner healing from the emotional wounds caused by traumatic events in her past, and how God can, and will, use this process as a means of healing hurting hearts and maturing His people in their faith.

From Wounded to Wow!

In this dynamic presentation Diann shares her Jewish background, some of her challenges as a young person, how she came to faith in the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, and how He has radically transformed her life. Diann also shares how God blessed her and gave her strength as she walked through the valley of the shadow of death with her missionary husband, Peter Parkas. Through this testimony congregants will be encouraged to trust in the Lord regardless of their circumstances. Diann’s unique choreography illustrates the message as she weaves her creative renditions into the presentation. Included are a dance recitation of Psalm 24, a dance choreographed to Lauren Daigle’s “Trust in You,” and a dramatic recitation of Psalm 27.

Messiah in the Passover

This popular presentation demonstrates the Messianic significance of the elements of a traditional Passover Seder. The story of Israel’s exodus from slavery in Egypt is narrated through a series of object lessons. Jesus’ life and mission as the Lamb of God who brought deliverance from slavery to sin are clearly seen in this presentation. The Old Testament background of our Communion Service is also highlighted. 

There are two dances which accompany this presentation. Starting off the program is a dance to a contemporary Christian song, “Come to the Table”, and concluding the program is dance choreographed to the traditional hymn, “We Will Glorify.”

There are three options for this presentation:

  1.  A 40-minute presentation during a church service.
  2.  A participatory Seder in which the congregants take part in a complete Seder including the dinner meal. Allow 2-3 hours for a full Seder.
  3.  A “Mini Seder” in which everyone participates in all of the elements of the Seder, but without the meal. This takes about 1½ hours.

The Feasts of Israel

This presentation celebrates God’s faithfulness to Israel—and to all of us—in the past, the present, and the future. We examine the annual cycle of feasts that God gave to Israel as enumerated in Leviticus Chapter 23 with special attention to the prophetic significance of each feast. The relationship of each feast to the others is described, and the outworking of God’s plan of redemption is clearly seen in the cycle as a whole. Diann also shares an exuberant dance which expresses the heartfelt joy of the believer in response to God’s goodness and faithfulness. The dance goes with a song which is sung in Hebrew. The lyrics are from Psalm 95:1-6 and are recited before the dance is viewed.

Why I Celebrate Chanukah and Christmas

This evangelistic holiday presentation explores the connection between Chanukah and Christmas. (Spoiler: there would have been no Christmas without Chanukah!) Beginning with a brief summation of the Chanukah story and traditions, consideration is then given to God’s preservation of the Jewish people in relation to the coming of the promised Messiah. Three dances illustrate and enhance this presentation: a joyful dance based on the traditional Chanukah dreydl game; a dance based on Isaiah 60 which points prophetically to the Messiah hundreds of years ahead of time; and finally a dance called “Winter Snow” which illustrates God’s gentle and loving nature. The program ends with an exhortation to respond to God’s love, to receive His mercy and grace, and to begin; or continue; a joy-filled new life in Messiah. 

Additional Topics for Women’s Ministry Events

Released from Shame

In this highly personal message Diann shares how the Lord healed her from the trauma of sexual assault. The topic of shame is defined and explored: what is shame, where does it comes from, how does it affects us, and how can we be released from it through our relationship with Jesus our Messiah. Her primary text is Isaiah 54. The principles taught in this message are applicable to any trauma, grief, or bitterness from the past which continues to negatively affect the individual. Biblical strategies which are effective and practical are highlighted. These include meditating on Scripture verses and truths as well as the cultivation of a proactive and deep prayer life.


My Identity in Messiah

This unique workshop begins with a teaching on the believer’s identity in Messiah along with a unison recitation of relevant Bible verses. Participants then join in a dance which is a guided dramatization of Scriptural truths pertaining to this topic. The goal is to internalize the Scriptural understanding of our new identity as born again believers in the family of God. Suggestions and resources are recommended for follow up to the workshop so that participants can continue to develop in this important area of faith and personal transformation.

Messianic Dance Worship

Messianic worship dance utilizes Israeli folk dance steps which are choreographed to worshipful Messiah centered songs. These are circle dances that express love and devotion to the Lord in a corporate setting. The workshop will be adapted to the dance experience level of the participants. This could include absolute beginners and/or more advanced dancers who already know the basic steps and many of the popular dances. The dances consist of particular steps, but worship dance is much more than just knowing the steps. It involves a heart of worship expressed through the body and through the movement. Instruction is given on how to experience the dance in a worshipful way rather than as a mechanical rendering of steps. Notes are provided so participants will be able to review the steps and the dances afterwards.

Devotional Dance

The focus of this workshop is on individual and personal expression of worship through dance. The goal is for participants to see that dance can be incorporated into their private devotional time as a way of expressing their praise and love for God. Various techniques to stimulate spontaneous improvisational movement are explored. The expressive range of different types of movement will be introduced and explored. These include the use of gravity, the breath, and skeletal articulation, as well as awareness of space, level, time, and other dance components. Use of props and other tools may also be incorporated into the workshop or workshops, depending on the amount of time available.