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Messianic Rabbi Irving Salzman—Beth Messiah Congregation, Livingston, New Jersey

Diann Parkas has a wonderful salvation testimony, which is able to connect and resonate with many in the audience on many different levels, especially with respect to her emotional journey. I personally observed how so many of our members were gripped and compelled by her story. Diann's story is filled with hope for "all the rest of us" when life's deepest needs are met and filled by the Lord. I highly commend Diann Parkas to you.

Dr. Jerry Branch—Dallas Baptist Church, Dallas, Pennsylvania

I wanted to commend and recommend Diann Parkas based upon her visit and presentation to our church on 21 January 2018.

Our church had supported and hosted Peter and Diann to come speak at our church for a number of years. Obviously we like many others were grieved when Peter went home to be with the Lord. I was thrilled when Diann contacted us and asked to come share about what God was doing in her life and that of the ministry through CJFM, so we quickly scheduled her to come speak in January.

All I can say is that her message from her heart was so inspiring. She shared through a very motivational and inspirational combination of interpretative dance and Scripture and message about how God has worked in her life. She shared how God has helped her in this most difficult time of losing her husband, and her joy and acceptance of God’s call for her to continue in the path she and Peter were walking of serving Christ and sharing the Good News. Our folks were quite moved by her passion and her presentation. Our young children were even standing on the chairs next to their parents and had eyes of ‘wonder’ and ‘awe’ as Diann shared. So her presentation was an inspiration to all.

Would we have Diann return? Yes, most definitely! She is definitely following God’s calling on her life, and I’m certain this woman of God will be used in many wonderful ways by our Lord as she shares her testimony and the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost people, and as she encourages the churches and believers.

Messiah Congregation (PDF)

Washington Mills, New York